wireless router problem HELP

  andrewandlou 21:46 02 Oct 2007

can anyone please help me i have got a zyxel router and i have connected it on my laptop and pc it says the siganl is good and connected but when i try to go on the internet on my laptop it says cannot find server and that maybe i have put the router in properly!?
why would it say connected?
my laptop is old but i know you can go on the internet as i used it on there before.
please help this is driving me crazy 3 hours i have tried today

  Graham. 22:12 02 Oct 2007

The router is wired to the PC and you can get online on the PC.

Your laptop can connect to the router wirelessly, but you can't get online on the laptop.

You would normally get a 'Internet Explorer cannot display...' message rather than a 'cannot find server' message.

  Graham. 22:17 02 Oct 2007

Turn off the laptop firewall.

  Ashrich 22:37 02 Oct 2007

Does the PC have Internet access , and can the laptop connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable ?


  andrewandlou 22:59 02 Oct 2007

hi all my pc is broadband (orange)and is online and i brought a wireless router so i can go on the internet via wireless i connected my router to the pc but there seems to be a problem on my laptop it says signal strength is high and connected when i go to internet explorer a message from wireless router comes up saying my device may not be connected properly im sure i done it right!!!!

i have an extension from my bt socket to my front room and in that is adsl filter and plugged in to that is phone and my orange speedtouch modem so i had to attach another adsl to this and plug in to this one the wireless router lead and the extension adsl!!!!!

on my wireless router i have 3 lights on but 1 keeps flashing which i think its not on this is so confusing and i would love to sort this out soon as its taking my time up and is frustrating!!!!!

  Graham. 23:09 02 Oct 2007

You can't have the Orange Speedtouch modem connected at the same time as the new router. You must disconnect that modem and connect the router to the PC and configure it.

That is why the laptop can see the router, but the router is not connected to the internet.

  Graham. 23:37 02 Oct 2007

and to the ADSL socket that the Speedtouch was using.

  Strawballs 01:04 03 Oct 2007

I have no knowledge of zyxel is it a modem/router combined? if so do as Graham suggested.

  ambra4 01:45 03 Oct 2007


Is the Speedtouch modem Ethernet port connected to the Wan port on the ZyLEX wireless router using an Ethernet cable and a second Ethernet cable from one of the 4-router ports to the LAN port on the PC???

If it is you will how have to access the router and configure it to access the Internet and set up the wireless system read the manual on how to access the router and configure

If it not you have to change the wiring to the above

What is the ZyLEX wireless router model # is it P-334HW - P-320W or P-330W

  andrewandlou 13:11 03 Oct 2007

thanks to all that have tried to help me especially graham as i followed your instructions and im now able to use my laptop via the router,the only thing now is why cant you do both the desktop pc and my laptop at the same time?

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