Wireless Router Problem

  alexgray104 21:11 24 Sep 2005

I have just bought a Buffalo wireless router and laptop reciever card, but the laptop won't find a network. I understand that the laptop needs a network to connect to, but i am struggling. I click on the laptop, set up a wireless network, and then using a USB Flash Drive. But when I plug in my USB Flash Drive into the computer with the router and double click on the setup file, it says it couldn't do it and would i like to do it maunally. I click yes and print out a load of settings, but where do i enter these???

  woodchip 21:28 24 Sep 2005

Have you got the router working ok first?

If you have you then need to copy the Settings into the Laptop Card Software incuding SSID and your password you use on the router

  PC Bilbo 22:34 24 Sep 2005

You don't state Operating Systems but if XP there is a wizard to help (look in control panel for network set up)

I haven't actually done it yet but have just bought the hardware.I sat through a seminar hosted by Microsoft where 2 M.S. Engineers did a live demonstration of wirelessly networking 2 PC's and a laptop.They said it makes life easier to have a USB drive to copy settings like MAC address etc from first PC and clone them to the others.

By the way, just to prove it doesn't always go right even for experts they gave up on the lap top as after half an hour of trying they were unable to a

  woodchip 23:25 24 Sep 2005

You do not need to network them to connect to the Internet

  alexgray104 09:33 25 Sep 2005

We seem to be getting somewhere - I have managed to clone the router details on to my laptop card, but I don't know how to 'enable' the laptop card. The router is enabled and the WAN light is showing. The laptop says the card is 'disabled' though. Does anyone know how to activate them?!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:39 25 Sep 2005

In the control panel there should be an option to enable PCMCIA cards.

  alexgray104 09:46 25 Sep 2005

Got into device manager and it says both my laptop adaptor and PCMCIA cardbus adaptor are enabled. :(

  Diodorus Siculus 09:47 25 Sep 2005

Did any software come with the PCMCIA card?

  Taff36 09:49 25 Sep 2005

In XP go Start>Contol Panel>Network Connections then right click the disabled connection and click enable. It would help if you confirmed your operating system! Otherwise we can`t be specific for you.

  alexgray104 09:56 25 Sep 2005

could I use my old BT Voyager105 ADSL Modem on this comp and just not connect the wireless router to this comp. Would that work?! Also, to get round the RJ11 socket shortfall could I do it like this?:
Phone socket going to a splitter with another splitter and one RJ11 cable for the BT Modem plugged in. On the other splitter, my phone and the other RJ11 cable for the wireless router.

  alexgray104 09:56 25 Sep 2005

sorry os: main comp = XP pro, Laptop = XP Home

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