Wireless router network setup

  consultik 13:53 28 Jun 2005


I'm sure i'm missing something really simple, but here goes:

Replaced wired router for 4 pcs with a Buffalo Wireless ADSL Router WMR-G54. Network works fine in wired mode, no problem with ADSL connection, but I can't get wireless to work.

I've tried on 2 pcs, via different routes, but I'll explain the setup on PC1 first

Buffalo wireless USB adaptor on a non- centrino laptop running Buffalo air station client manager 2 to manage the connection. Little icon in bottom left hand corner shows connected and very good signal strength, but I can't connect to internet or see other pc's on the network. Encryption turned off (for the moment) on both router and pc.

What am i doing wrong?

  Taff36 14:29 28 Jun 2005

I take it you have disconnected the actual ethernet cables but have you disabled the connection. Go to view all connections and right click then choose disable. (You can re-enable it any time) Might take a reboot but I`m not sure. Now what happens?

  Taff36 14:31 28 Jun 2005

Sorry, reread my post. Disable the LAN connection through the Network card - it will probably have a red cross through it because your cables are unplugged anyway.

  consultik 14:39 28 Jun 2005


I admit I hadn't thought of disabling the wired connection before - have disabled the Local area network in Network settings (and rebooted)- do I need to do the same with the network bridge? Still no response on Internet explorer

  consultik 15:09 28 Jun 2005

Just tried disabling the network bridge as well and I now have internet connectivity wirelessly. Many thanks Taff36. I'll go and try the other pc and set up encryption as well.

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