Wireless Router - Leave On Or Shut Down?

  Tinker Bell 19:20 28 Aug 2008

When I've shut my computer down, is it best to disconnect the wireless router, or leave it on?


  dermot-titus 19:51 28 Aug 2008

It has all the security features enabled. So I think it is very secure.

  crosstrainer 09:16 29 Aug 2008

I leave mine on (even though it will retain it's settings if powered off) Most, but not all will do this.

  oldbeefer2 09:48 29 Aug 2008

If you find your download speeds are decreasing, it's worth turning the router of for 30 secs or so. This will (if you're on ADSL) kick the speeds up again (usually). Apart from that, I leave mine on all the time.

  iscanut 09:48 29 Aug 2008

I switch mine on when I power up the pc and switch it off when I shut down the pc. Up to you as to whether you waste a miniscule amount of electricity. Does not appear to have any undue effect on my router or connection. Been doing this for over 4 years now.

  Tinker Bell 12:52 29 Aug 2008

OK, so I think leaving it on won't cause any problems so that's what I'll do.


  tullie 16:25 29 Aug 2008

Why leave anything on if you dont have too?

  FatboySlim71 15:30 30 Aug 2008

With a previous ISP (ZEN), I found that switching it off everyday caused my line to resync at a lower level, for example, it would be syncing at 8128kbps, after the overnight switch off it would resync at 6500kbps, not a bit amount but it could take up to a few days to resync back to 8128.

I never switch mine off now.

  ton 23:06 30 Aug 2008

Always switch off, connection very rarely varies.

  iscanut 10:16 31 Aug 2008

I forgot to say that although I switch mine off when not in use, I have never experienced and speed degredation.

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