wireless router internet connection problems!!

  lonemascot 16:23 27 May 2006

I have a Linksys WAG 354 GS wireless router. My downstairs PC is connected to it via Ethernet and my upstairs PC is wirelessly connected with a Ralink RT2500 802.11g PCI card.

The Ethernet connection provides a perfect internet connection. However, connecting to the internet is very temperamental with the wireless connection.

Signal changes from full strength to low for no apparent reason. I don’t have any encryption enabled so it should be near to/or full strength.

Sometimes I can connect to the internet sometimes I can’t. Sometimes it cuts out mid flow which is very annoying.

Im running on Windows XP and Firefox browser.

Does anyone have any clue as to why its being a bit rubbish.


  Taff™ 16:30 27 May 2006

All sorts of things can affect the wireless transmission signal. A DECT phonebase station next to the router, the operation of a microwave oven or another wireless router within range and using either the same channel or one very close to your routers channel - Does any of this apply in your case?

  lonemascot 16:33 27 May 2006

im running on channel six. the router is situated next to a cordless phone, the microwave however is miles away from it. i mite try changing the channel to 11 see if that improves performance. thanks

  [DELETED] 20:10 27 May 2006
  [DELETED] 20:12 27 May 2006

Start/All Programs/Connect to/Wireless Connection

Under the Support Tab click on Details and make a note of these numbers carefully and what they refer to. You don't need the Physical Address at the top or the WNS Server at the bottom.

Go back to the General Tab to the left of Support and press Properties. Double click on Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) and enter the numbers above by manaully configuring the two options.i.e. change them both to 'Use the following........'

If this doesn't make sense post back.It's a lot easier than I have probably made it out to be. You can always simply change the settings back if it doesn't work but I think it will as you wont have to search for the IP details each time.

The bottom two DNS Server details

are the two that you have made a note of.

  Taff™ 21:02 27 May 2006

And try moving the phone!

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