Wireless Router Firewall is it enough protection

  Sparkly 18:21 30 Jun 2007

Hi all i am thinking of buying a wireless router Netgear DG834G

5 in 1: Modem, router, firewall, 4-port switch & wireless access point

No need for separate modem; plugs directly into ADSL line

Easily share ADSL connection with all office or home computers

Compatible with 802.11b wireless networks

True Firewall & WPA-PSK encryption protects against intruders
As it comes with a firewall do i need the NIS 2006 firewall that i have allready installed for my B/B conection and it it enough protection for my PC and the Laptop?
Many thanks for any thoughts on this.

  [email protected] 18:25 30 Jun 2007

Technically if the router has a firewall built in then it should block any incoming connections that are deemed dangerous. However i personally would not rely on it and would use the firewall software you already use, especially if you are used to how it works.

I have disabled my routers firewall and use a 3rd party company one.

  Technotiger 19:04 30 Jun 2007

Best to have both working - router firewall and a software firewall. Can't be too careful. Though never more than one Anti-virus as I expect you are aware.

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