Wireless router and existing adsl modem/router

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 08:59 20 Sep 2004

Am trying to connect a wireless router (4 ports plus wireless) to my existing adsl modem/router.

Wireless instructions say to configure existing gateway to gateway address on wireless router - no problem there.

And to disable dhcp on wireless router - no problem there.

But when firing all up - I initailly was ok, but about 30 seconds later, got meassge saying limeted access on network and then my problems began.

No internet access, no access to wireless router settings program - IE saying cannot find pages . message said something along lines of no IP address returned.

Rebooted everyting and windows would not fire up. Had to return to original modem setup and now I have a wireless router doing nothing until I can figure it out.

Do I need to set anything else up - instructions are on CD rom and are not too clear on using an existing modem/router to connect with.

  rickf 15:01 20 Sep 2004

I am thinking of doing the same set up. Will bump this as I have a vested interest. Hope someone can help!

  rickf 15:02 20 Sep 2004

and ^^^^

  SEASHANTY 15:39 20 Sep 2004

Don't know if its of any help but there is a similar type problem on this forum
click here

thanks, but problem is slightly different. Have successfully managed to get laptop to talk through the new wireless router using cable connection.

But cannot get the wireless connection to work with the desktop upstairs.

ADSL modem/router connected to wireless router with cable in LAN port not the WAN (internet port)- which is successful using cables.

Thing is I can't see the wireless setup info now, IE opens but syas cannot conect, so i can't get to the settings on the wireless router.

  SEASHANTY 19:48 20 Sep 2004

Do you not have to clone the MAC address of the PC
(i.e. the LAN card physical 12 character address) into the wireless router? That is what I had to do to set up my NTL cable BB router. I am not that familiar with ADSL phone line connections.

What a farce, both routers screwed up earlier, limited connectivity, and could not see either set up screens in IE.

Have just reset my existing, disconnected the wireless one, wondered why I could not connect to the internet, then I realised the reset had set the machine back to factory defaults - no log on info, good job i remembered to write all that stuff down previously.

Any way, will now do same with the wireless, and see how I get on.

I have run the wireless connection wizards, saved to flashdisk, installed from flashdisk to other machine, and still no luck. So back to drawing board.

Thanks for your interest and hints,

  Jeffers22 23:40 20 Sep 2004

Are you trying to run from one router through another router to your PC(s)? Surely both routers have a NAT firewall and therein may lie your problem. They just are unable to talk to each other because their firewalls are at odds with each other. At the very least I would say you need to configure one of the routers to turn off it's internal firewall - preferably the one with the modem to turn it into just a standalone modem. Do this with just the modem/router connected to the PC (I would try it with the phone line disconnected for protection while you set it up)

  Rioja 09:52 21 Sep 2004

if your wireless router has the option, your easiest route is to configure your wireless router as an "Access Point" so it does not perform routing.
If you want to use it as a router behind your ADSL modem/router, then I would suggest configuring using static addresses, not dhcp.
The PCs and LAN side of the wireless router must be on one subnet, e.g. 192.168.0.x, and the ADSL modem/router LAN side and wireless router WAN side must be on a second subnet, e.g. 192.168.7.x.
Remember for the PCs the Gateway will be the LAN address of the wireless router but the DNS address will be the LAN address of the ADSL modem/router.
If the WAN side config of the wireless router equires it then it's Gateway and DNS will be the LAN address of the ADSL modem/router.

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