wireless router, does it need a pc ??

  Chronos 17:59 10 Jul 2004

hi, if i get a ADSL wireless router does it have to connect to a PC, the reason i ask is, my main desktop PC is past it's sell by date, i had visions of buying the above, plugging it into the phonesocket, then using the laptop all round the house..then when i can, get a new desktop PC putting a wireless card in, and away we go again.


  Chronos 18:01 10 Jul 2004

sorry about the multiple posts, operator error.

  jonnytub 18:03 10 Jul 2004

b/b or dial up?

  jonnytub 18:03 10 Jul 2004

b/b or dial up?

  jonnytub 18:04 10 Jul 2004

hmm, your'e not the only one posting over and over again

  Chronos 18:08 10 Jul 2004

broad band, the laptop is winxp..


  Rigga 18:13 10 Jul 2004

"ADSL wireless router does it have to connect to a PC"

The quick answer is Yes for the initial set up.

Then once the setup is completed No. Just leave it connected to your phone line, and nothing needs to be connected directly to the router for it to work.


  jonnytub 18:15 10 Jul 2004

you would need to install a wireless access point through your router, this would have to be configured whilst a pc is connected, however once done, you should be ok, however be sure to ask the seller and to also have it written on a receipt as this will prove unfit for it's purpose if it does not. I'm pretty certain it'll work, however this post will put you back to the top, where our most prestigious members may disagree.
Hint: FE knows a great deal on networking, think it was his job or something back in the old days before pca, this might get his attention and further the help offered, (you gotta do some work FE:-) )

  Chronos 18:16 10 Jul 2004

nice one......thanks...

  hellred 13:55 13 Jul 2004

The router is accsessed via IE and can be configured even if only connected to power source and tel cable, as you connect to it via intranet ip address on the router within the network, you need not be connected to the net to do that. All you do need is a wireless client connected to the PC and set to the standard settings of the router(network SSID etc.provided in your installation manual)to enable the client to connect to the router. Then set up the settings to your ISP(or install the neccesary software provided) and you should then be able to connect to the net anytime and from anywhere within range as the Router is permanently on.

Afterall thats what a Wireless router should do, i have an Alcatel 570 and installed it in this way, it sit behind a sofa connected to the BB filter. No computer is connected.

  Magik ®© 15:28 13 Jul 2004

Thanks, now we know, all i have to do now is find a decent router, which is fairly easy to set up.

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