Wireless router disconnects or unstable when......

  theDarkness 14:57 16 Jan 2010

I use a laptop downstairs to connect to a wireless router (also downstairs) to access the net. The problem is that the router disconnects or finds it hard to connect at all, when the desktop upstairs has the landline telephone cable inserted into it. Even if the desktop machine is off, I have to take the phone cable out of it, in order for the router to work properly. I thought this was very strange.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Is the router the main problem? It's a Hawei Echolife ADSL2+ HG520b model, 'free' with all TalkTalk phone/internet packages. I know I could just make sure the phone cable is out of the desktop before switching the router on, but that can be very annoying. Thanks.

  User-1229748 15:20 16 Jan 2010

have all phones got filters and have you changed filter to make sure it is still working?

  MAJ 15:42 16 Jan 2010

What is the telephone cable upstairs connected to on the PC? Is it a dialup modem?

  theDarkness 16:10 16 Jan 2010

I use TalkTalk broadband on both systems, no dial-up. All phone connections have filters, and the desktop upstairs only connects when switched on using the same talk talk broadband, albeit via a landline cable, max is around 6 Mbps. I seem to get similar speeds using the router, so there doesnt seem to be any problems using either on their own. When the desktop is switched off but has the phone cable inserted into it, it can take 20 mins maximum for the laptop to connect to the laptop. It doesnt always happen, sometimes it can connect in far less time, around 5 mins, but thats not often. The average is probably 10 mins. I used to think that was normal.

I know its definately an issue with the desktop phone cable I use for TalkTalk broadband, as when I take the cable out, every single time, the router connects and works perfectly with the laptop. Its very odd. I do have spare filters, no change, so they are all working fine.

The filter upstairs does not have a phone connected into it anymore, although I dont know why that would cause the problems I am having with the router

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