Wireless router - broadband speed limits.....

  matdysign 10:47 09 May 2005

Im running a centrino laptop and am investing in a wireless router with possibly Bulldog 4 meg broadband. Is this broadband too much in terms of speed or will 1 meg be satisfactory - also what speed does a normal wireless router take - thanks

  TomJerry 10:55 09 May 2005

(1) wireless, b: 11mbps rated (but around 5 in normal use), g and a (a is not popular) 54mbps rated.

(2) in my view, all those "faster 1m, 2m, 4m" connection are just "con" because all the upload speed are the same as 512 service, 256kbps.

1m and 2m may improve your on-line gaming performace slightly (I am not game, but I even doubt this is true becuase other parties can only upload 256). You may download films faster, but how much money you have to pay for legal download?

If you have money to burn, get the 4m, but if you want to spend in value for money term, get 2M becuase the price is the same as 512 for most ISPs

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