Wireless router and adsl modem/router

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 17:12 29 Dec 2004

Have an adsl router on my main machine to which I have connected a wireless router, so that the PC upstairs can connect wirelessly and share the internet connection.

The wireless connection is there, but the machines do not see each other. I have tried making new network connections, on both machines, but with no success.

For some strange reason I cannot get to open the settings on the adsl router, which I think may be the cause of the problem. When putting in the address for the router I get "cannot find etc" in IE.

Can anybody confirm that this may be the cause of the machines not seeing each other, and also how to get to the settings for the router.

Both machines are running XP (one home the other pro).

  JIM 17:17 29 Dec 2004

do both machines have the same work-group name?

  mrdsgs 17:22 29 Dec 2004

if you really do have a ROUTER attached to both machines it will not work

you need the broadband modem/router/wireless access point connected to one machine (or none)and then just a wireless\adaptor (pci or usb) connected to the other machine (or both).

as your setup stands, both routers will be trying to be dhcp servers!



Both machines have been set up with same workgroup name.


I realize that as set up they are not working because, I think the adsl router/modem needs reconfiguring to accept the wireless router. But I cannot get to the settings in IE.

I put the IP address of either router into IE and neither can be seen by IE - and that is driving me nuts.

Any ideas,
Thanks for the help

  Rioja 21:52 29 Dec 2004


have a study of my diagram in this link click here and see if it helps.



many thanks for the diagram

am now up and running

  nerawan 13:42 31 Dec 2004

I want to keep that just in case.

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