wireless router

  Mike1963 10:57 28 Sep 2009

Are there any wireless routers on the market?
Routers only not with built in modem, need one for daughter at Uni so she can connect a couple of wired connections and use her laptop via the uni servers RJ45 socket in her room.

  Audio~~Chip 12:35 28 Sep 2009

routers. Non wireless would be something in the Belkin range. Just re-read you post and sorry ignore. I take it the Laptop or PC has a Ethernet/Lan Port. All she has to do is simply just plug in the cable and give it a few seconds to wake up. I would have thought her uni would let her use a wireless connection though.

  Mike1963 12:45 28 Sep 2009

She has connection, no problem but she has an XBOX as well, If there are any wireless routers (simple router not with modem) she would be able to connect both without the need to keep unplugging the other and use her laptop wirelessly

Everytime I search I just keep finding Wireless modem/routers rather than just a basic router with RJ45 output.

I have 2 wired routers with RJ45 output which I could use but just wondered if there were any wireless options on the market so has to have the added benifit of using the Laptop wireless

  Audio~~Chip 13:37 28 Sep 2009

wireless router, as most of them have x4 ethernet ports on the rear.

  Mike1963 17:16 28 Sep 2009

What do you mean, dedicated?
do you mean a router with internal modem?

I just wondered if anyone new if there are any wireless routers on the market. (just routers without internal modem and with a RJ45 output)

  Audio~~Chip 12:47 29 Sep 2009

and have to be piggy backed of another DSL Modem Router. look at itme number 25091 at click here or link direct to if it works click here

  Mike1963 14:54 29 Sep 2009

This looks like what I'm after though the discription o the site isn't really clear as to what wired ports it has.

Checked the link to Belkin but there site doesn't clear things up either.

I guess nost people just want a modem router or wireless modem router, probably not much of a market for a stand alone wireless router without built in modem.

  Tech Guy 18:30 29 Sep 2009

All you need is a network switch with at least 4 ports - click here click here

A wireless AP - click here

A couple of patch leads

(port 1) - going to the switch from the wall plate.
(port 2) - going from the switch to the AP.
(ports 3&4) - going to each wired computers

  Audio~~Chip 20:36 29 Sep 2009

also listed more options but by different sources. Either a Netgear or Belkin have what you need.

  Mike1963 08:11 30 Sep 2009

So I need to search for a wireless access point.

I have a wired netgear RP614(4 port) and a Linksys BEFSR81(8 port), either of which would do the job for an all wired setup but at the moment she only has 2 items to connect and I've set her up with a simple splitter which works fine(only one item needs connection at any one time) but it would be useful to have a wireless access for the laptop which she will be taking with her most days resulting in alot of plugging and unplugging on a wired system.

I'll start searching for "wireless access point"
Thanks for the start of options with the Belkin & Netgear, certainly check these out in more detail and of course be looking for the best price.

The terminology gets confusing, what is the difference between a switch,router?

My main router to which I connect everything to the net is call a 4 port router yet the linksys 8 port router which does not have a built in modem is called a cable/DSL router, with 8 port switch?

I know basically what they do & I bought them for the purpose of adding network cameras etc but its seems the terminology is very vague.

  mgmcc 08:41 30 Sep 2009

A Wireless "ADSL Modem/Router" has a built-in ADSL Modem.

A Wireless "Cable/DSL Router" is a stand-alone Router with no Modem.

A Wireless Access Point is a device to let you connect "wirelessly" to an existing "wired" network.

Generally, Wireless Access Points tend to be fairly expensive and you can normally pick up a Wireless Cable/DSL Router (which incorporates a Wireless Access Point!) for the same price.

>>> what is the difference between a switch,router?

A network switch is a device to provide additional RJ45 LAN Ports in a network. A Router incorporates a Switch (the 4 ports at the back) but it also gets the single IP address from the ISP, allocates Local Area Network IP addresses to the connected computers (most commonly 192.168.x.x addresses) and "routes" internet traffic to the appropriate IP address in the LAN.

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