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  GBL 13:28 09 Oct 2008

I have a Linksys wireless router which is hard wired into my main computer, both have the wireless link to my laptop when in use.I have noticed that when I click on the Site Survey logo that there is my connection at 100% and also another at 18%, this is not mine. Do I take it that it is safe and probably a neighbour who is also on wireless.

  Rahere 13:43 09 Oct 2008

You are probably fine, it's most likely that your neighbours have a wireless router - it's unlikely that you or they will be able to connect to each others networks as each should require a login to connect

Just make sure that your wireless network is protected using WPA encryption - there should be a log in code for wireless users of your network, once set it's usually not required again. Note WEP encryption is older and flawed technology but still in use by some companies.

  Pineman100 14:04 09 Oct 2008

You could also ensure that your router has MAC address filtering switched on, and ensure that it only permits access by your two computers.

  GBL 18:53 09 Oct 2008

Not sure how I check what the settings are, in Profiles it shows the following;-WPA-Personal, Authentication is TKIP. If I go to Site Survey both mine and the foreigner have MAC addresses, but I don't know how to check the filtering.

  Pineman100 19:08 09 Oct 2008
  GBL 19:17 09 Oct 2008

Thanks will have a go.

  Lmar 19:34 09 Oct 2008

Basically what you have to do is disconnect from your network. when you go to log back on if your network says protected network then your fine, if not your neighbour could access it and you should read up on how to set a password. I did this to a neighbour when my network was down once...free internet

  GBL 09:39 10 Oct 2008

I tried what Pineman100 said but couldn't get into the site, the password kept failing, so I went into Control panel and Network connections, there I disabled the Local area connection although it said it was a VIA Rhine II fast ethernet adaptor, not Linksys, when I went to re-enasble I had to enter my password, so do I take it that it is secure against neighbours etc.

  Lmar 10:45 10 Oct 2008

yes its safe :)

  GBL 11:03 10 Oct 2008

Smashing, thanks. Take care.

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