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  the hick 21:08 11 Jun 2008

I need a wireless set-up, so that 2 PC's can access broadband, via TalkTalk. I have not done this before, and am a bit confused at the choice of routers in PC World. Also, no staff about to give advice - are they always like that! What sort of things should I be looking for, both for the router itself and the wireless devices to plug into USB ports of both machines? The router will be located within few feet of both PC's. Any advice much appreciated, thanks.

  the hick 21:22 11 Jun 2008

Another thought - my modem also has a USB port. Could I use this for the second PC? The instructions did not mention this.

  grey george 21:32 11 Jun 2008

If it has a spare usb what is the first pc connected to? Make and model could help. (yes when you want to be left alone the staff pester you and then when you need them they have vanished)

  mgmcc 07:53 12 Jun 2008

If the router is to be "located within a few feet of both PCs", why do you want to connect *wirelessly* instead of a much more reliable (and faster for networking) "wired" ethernet connection?

<<<my modem also has a USB port. Could I use this for the second PC?>>>

Yes, provided it is a combined "Router & ADSL Modem". If it isn't a *ROUTER*, you cannot connect multiple computers to it for simultaneous internet access.

  wjrt 14:57 12 Jun 2008

as with a lot of providers they will only give help and assistance for a small range of approved devices so check with them and use the device they will support
click here

  interzone55 15:26 12 Jun 2008

If your modem is the one my sister has it has a USB & Ethernet connection

To give two PCs the same connection your best bet is to by a cable router, then plug the modem's ethernet connection into the WAN port of the router, you can then connect both PCs to the router using patch leads & Bob's your uncle...

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