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  baldi 20:43 03 Nov 2005

I am getting my daughter a laptop for xmas which has wireless capability and am not sure how to connect the wireless router to my existing desktop pc and also how to configure both the desktop and the new laptop so it can be used around the house on the internet. any help would be appreciated

  LastChip 22:06 03 Nov 2005

It depends on the router. If it's a combined modem/router, it connects straight to your normal telephone/cable connection that you use now.

If it's just a router, it will connect to your existing modem.

Once it is set-up, the router provides the "gateway" to the Internet. Each computer then connects wirelessly to the router.

If your existing desktop machine does not have a wireless capability, you will need to buy a suitable wireless card to enable it to connect to the router.

  Forum Editor 22:12 03 Nov 2005

will come with full setup instructions, and provided you follow them to the letter you'll find it pretty easy.

If your broadband connection is an ADSL telephone line service you should buy a combined modem/router.

  baldi 16:20 04 Nov 2005

I am with AOL broadband on a dsl. I think the router that aol advise to get is a netgear dg834g. I think that this will replace my current modem and will connect by a lead to my desktop which will work as it does now (not wireless). Will I then have to install aol broadband onto the laptop as well ? also,will aol need to be on line on the desktop for the laptop to receive a connection ?

  woodchip 21:33 04 Nov 2005

Your Router needs to be Wireless. Connect the Desktop with a Strait Ethernet Cable, NOT A CROSS OVER CABLE. and you can then set the Router up with it then setup the Laptop when you have the desktop working. Do not try setting up Encryption at this time. Get computers to connect, before setting the above up

  palinka 09:22 12 Nov 2005

I have exactly the set-up you want to create. I use a modem router, which replaced the previous modem. It arrived with full instructions and installation disks. The only other item necessary is a wireless "card" (actually a bit of metal kit) that goes inside your desktop computer - don't worry , it's very easy to install. Maybe it's in your pc already . I got the info I needed from BT's web site: it shows pictures of all the bits of kit and explained it so clearly that it gave me te confidence to set up the system. I'll look up the details and post them, but there are other similar sites.

  palinka 09:25 12 Nov 2005

found it - click here
The card I referred to is a "PCI adapter".

  Forum Editor 11:27 12 Nov 2005

is correct - your computer will remain connected to the router via an ethernet connection, and the laptop will pick up the signal from the router via it's inbuilt wireless network adapter. Your daughter will share the connection on her computer.

  PsiFox 16:00 15 Nov 2005

You do not have to install the aol software onto the laptop.

You can connect directly and use IE to login to AOL from there.

  Taff™ 07:34 18 Nov 2005

Final Tip - Don`t pay AOL for an upgrade in service levels. You don`t need it and you can buy a router modem for less than £70 with a USB wireless adapter (Instead of the internal card) for your desktop. AOL and BT both say they don`t support wireless unless you pay them for the priviledge but the setup is very easy and if you get stuck you can post in the network forum and we`ll sort it for you.

  vectensian 17:11 18 Nov 2005

Thanks for the above re wireless routers, I've just bought a Dell Inspiron,my main PC is dell, 11 months old and AOL told me I would need to upgrade,(I haven't) - I've got the basic broadband (Silver) I was certain I was being had over and this confirms it. Seems to be a choice of 2 main wireless routers - Belkin or BT. Any preferences or are they both much of a muchness?

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