wireless router - 1 simple question

  nhojnhoj35 10:00 16 May 2006

Ive spent a while reading through various threads looking at which model and how to configure etc, etc, etc

My understanding is this. I need a wireless router only as my desktop will be hardwired and my laptop already is wifi enabled. At a later date I can put a wifi card in my desk top and remove the wire.

But does the wireless router replace my adsl modem or not?

  Taff™ 10:04 16 May 2006

Yes, it replaces your USB modem

  Taff™ 10:07 16 May 2006

But why not get a USB Wireless Adapter included in this bundle? click here It would save you buying the internal card later.

  Strawballs 10:08 16 May 2006

and yes you can loose the wire and go toyal wireless after you have configured it

  Strawballs 10:08 16 May 2006

oops total

  powerless 10:12 16 May 2006

Do you make sure you get a router with a built in modem and not just a router on its own.

  LinH 11:08 16 May 2006

A router does what it says - it routes a signal to a particular computer. However, with just a router you will need an ADSL modem.

An ADSL modem/router combines both into one package so doing away with the need for a separate modem.

Always keep your main computer wired, as a wireless connection is not 100% reliable. This could prove problematic if the wireless connection 'drops' whilst downloading updates, programmes etc.

Hope this helps.

  nhojnhoj35 11:17 16 May 2006

is it not true to say that a usb adaptor is
a) going to sap my pc resources?
b) not give as reliable a signal?

and the other thing (he said realising that actually there was more than 1 question!)

- 54mbs or 108mbs - what does that equate to in broadband speeds (ie. 1meg or 2 meg connection)and is there any difference for home use
- 11b / 11g - same question. my laptop is 11b

  LinH 11:35 16 May 2006

Every time you plug something in to your computer you use resources, whether it's a usb adaptor or not, that should be obvious. The same is true if you install a wireless network card instead. However, the difference in performance from either method will hardly be noticeable.

A wirelss signal, via usb adaptor or internal network card is subject to variables that make it less than 100% reliable, hence the reason to keep your main computer wired.

The difference between 54mbs and 108mbs should be noticeable and should equate to an increase in throughput speed.

Go for 11g every time, the spec is superior to 11b. 11b is more or less oudated now.

  nhojnhoj35 12:12 16 May 2006

grand! thanks

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