Wireless Repeater questions

  Trancemaker 01:02 01 Apr 2010


I am planning on buying a wireless repeater / range extender (I suppose there isn't a difference), to increase the reception in my house. My reception is pretty weak in some rooms, and I only need a small boost, so I wont loose connection every once and a while. I can work my way around the pc, but new stuff are always hard and tricky, so I need the help of more experienced users.

1) I'd like to know if there are compatibility issues regarding my dsl router (SpeedTouch 585) and the wireless repeater I am planning to buy... What should I be looking for, if there are compatibility issues? I've searched the internet and have seen some points on this subject, but I am not sure... Should I be looking for this: Interface Type: 802.11b/g ??

2) Any good suggestions on what to buy? I am not looking for something expensive (up to 30-40 euro/pounds), and I will have to buy it from the internet, as I doubt they have any good stuff in stores here in Cyprus. I've heard that D-Link and Linksys are good.

3) Is the installation easy? Is it just a power plug in? Or will some settings need to be made. I suppose this would be on the router mostly??

4) Just to understand my self better... in my network connections, and specifically the wireless networks, will I be getting 2 signals after the installation of the wireless repeater? Will there be a new password as well, or will it use the original router password?
And what about the signal lost and so on when using such a devise? Does this affect performance? (I guess its better than having nothing, just want to know).

I've got a few more, but these are the important ones... let me know if you need me to give more information.

Many thanks in advance.

  ecozart 14:27 01 Apr 2010

Yes you should always be using the 802.11 standard, try using N as it has greater range by default. As for the passwords and signals, not sure, I don't think you'll have two signals and if you don't then there is no need to worry about two different passwords. Performance with these vary, it depends on what type of system you are running, how much bandwith you are taking up etc. I personally would always choose the linksys, cisco invented the router so they are the authority when it comes to those devices. Good luck.


  Trancemaker 14:41 01 Apr 2010

Thanks ecozart,

The first question was the most important for me, so I'll ask again to make sure. Is there any difference between 802.11a, b , n and so on?

I've also heard than N is the best, but will it be ok with my router that is 802.11b/g as I mentioned earlier?
It seems you are suggesting that anything "802.11" will be compatible between with the router, so that's good, but is this the case to be sure? Anything that is 802.11 will work in my case?
And if I buy a 802.11n would that be better, or it wont make any difference since the router is not 802.11n ?? I don't want to spend for something that it won't help me because my router is not up to it.

Thanks again, and any other posts will be appreciated.

  Trancemaker 17:30 02 Apr 2010

Anyone else?

  mgmcc 22:01 02 Apr 2010

802.11a uses a different frequency (5GHZ) from the 2.4GHz used in the more common home network hardware. The protocol isn't compatible with 'b', 'g' & 'n' networks.

802.11b has a nominal data transfer speed of 11Mbps and is more or less obsolete

802.11g has a nominal data transfer speed of 54Mbps and hardware is compatible with 802.11b but running at 11Mbps.

802.11n has a data transfer speed, depending on the actual hardware, of either 150Mbps or 300Mbps. Hardware is compatible with both 802.11b and 802.11g, connecting at the appropriate speeds of those protocols.

There is no advantage in buying an 802.11n adapter to connect to an 802.11g router as they will operate as an 802.11g 54Mbps network. However, you can probably pick up an 802.11n adapter for no more than an 802.11g one. I have, for example, one of these click here

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