Wireless Repeater Configuration with BT Homehub2.0

  "Stan" 15:30 18 Oct 2009

Have just bought an EDIMAX Wireless EW7416AP which I am trying to configure as a universal repeater to extend the range of my BTHomehub2.0. So far I can get me extended client talking to the edimax but when I start my internet browser there is no connection. Edimax not talking to BtHomehub? It is in in range so it should be repeating the signal. I have tried numerous configs but am convinced that this is a DHCP problem, I currently have DHCP and WPA2 security enabled on the Edimax in addition to the homehub. I must confess I am a bit of a duffer on this so any help on basic settings would be of help!

  "Stan" 19:10 20 Oct 2009

I eventually solved it by changing the IP address of the repeater in the range of the home hub.

  gibbo1m 17:35 30 Nov 2009

Stan, I have been wrestling with the identical problem for a week now but unlike you, I have not solved it! Here is my basic configuration. Any chance that you could comment (how does it look cf yours? Thans

  gibbo1m 17:36 30 Nov 2009

Sorry, again.
Uptime 0day:0h:0m:42s
Hardware Version Rev. A
Runtime Code Version 1.53
Wireless Configuration
Universal Repeater
ESSID Edimax
Channel Number 1
Security WPA-shared key
BSSID 00:1f:1f:5d:c4:f8
Associated Clients 0
LAN Configuration
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
MAC Address 00:1f:1f:5d:c4:f8

  wigit1 15:13 02 Dec 2009

Hi Gibbo1m,

Your setup specifies WPA encryption, so unless your repeater setup includes provision for connection credentials, you'll probably find that it will only connect to the (BT) router if encryption is turned off.


  RFShop 09:25 26 Dec 2009

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