wireless problems - vista and sitecom router

  AndyLoudon1989 18:44 01 Sep 2007

bought a laptop recently and today tried to set up a wireless connection for the first time.

the laptop is an HP pavilion DV6000 (vista home premium) and the router is a sitecom 54g turbon wireless network broadband router. my modem is a terayon tj210 (supplied by NTL years ago)

i connected the router to the modem as the instructions said, then turned everything on. i cant seem to get any kind of internet access.

i'm having problems connecting to anything. all i get are error messages.

can anyone help me fix this and get the wireless up and running?

  Ashrich 00:18 02 Sep 2007

Have you run through the set up routine on the Sitecom ? type into your browser to access the set up pages , there will probably be a wizard to discover your internet connection and help with the security etc. Just out of interest , what is the default IP of your cable router ?


  AndyLoudon1989 17:35 02 Sep 2007

tried running the sitecom setup wizard thing, but with no results. i can get a "connection" but no internet access.

also tried phoning sitecom, but they aren't open on weekends! is the IP for the router.

  Ashrich 21:13 02 Sep 2007

Sorry , I meant the IP of the modem ....just in case it is interfering with the router's IP . So let's get this right , you connected the ethernet cable from your modem to the Sitecom router's WAN port , turned on the router , entered the set up pages ...does it search for the internet connection , and does it find it if it does ?


  mgmcc 08:15 03 Sep 2007

Power everything off, including the Cable Modem which must be left without power for three or four minutes - this is IMPORTANT so that it loses the association between the existing connection (recognised by its MAC address) and the IP address that it has allocated to it.

Connect a network cable between the router's WAN port and the Cable Modem's Ethernet port. Connect a second network cable between the PC's network port and one of the Router's LAN ports. Power on the Cable Modem and, when fully booted with all lights displayed, power on the Router. When the router is fully up and running, boot the PC. The Cable Modem will recognise a new connection and allocate a different IP address to it.

If you now type the Router's IP address into your web browser you should be able to open its configuration pages to set it up for wireless networking.

I would suggest you don't use a 'wizard' to set up a Cable/DSL router. On the occasions I have used a wizard, at the end it checks for an internet connection and I've never yet got this to work, although the internet connection has been OK.

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