Wireless problems

  dan1611 23:24 31 Dec 2010

I sold a netbook recently and the person who purchased it says they are having problems connecting wirelessly to the internet. We have never had any problems and the connection was perfect on the morning of sale. How can I advise the person to help them decide if the problem is a router/connection problem or the wireless adapter is faulty in the netbook ?

The last thing I want is them wanting their money back when there's no problem with the netbook and it was sold in good faith.

  proudfoot 11:05 01 Jan 2011

Can they access the hub via ethernet.
If so try changing the wireless channel on the router and net book and any other PCs on the network.
Most routers default to channel 6 and an adjacent hub may me causing interference. I had this problem with a laptop, a PC in the same room connected OK, but not the laptop

  dan1611 11:15 01 Jan 2011

Thanks for that info. I know the person doesn't have much idea about this sort of thing, do you have info on how to go about changing the channel?

Do you know how likely is it that it's the netbook at fault?

  onthelimit 19:33 01 Jan 2011

If you could connect OK, it's unlikely to be the netbook. It could be a channel problem (need to know the make of router to give advice on how to change it). Could be a simple thing like their router has security and they're inputting an incorrect user name or password. I've had that problem dozens of times.

  dan1611 10:37 02 Jan 2011

I presumed that given we never had any problems with it either here or when my daughter used it wirelessly when she was at Uni, that it's likely to be a problem with the connection. As soon as the person responds to questions such as the router type and network etc, I'll post here. Unfortunately I sold this on a well known auction site and this buyer has been a bit needy with everything!!, but he hasn't responded for two days. Anyway thanks for your help and I'll get the info to you asap.

  young1king 16:52 02 Jan 2011

it may be the router i reccomend this router click here

  dan1611 22:28 02 Jan 2011

This is becoming a bit of a nightmare. The buyer is now saying that he has checked and the netbook doesn't have a network adapter, he's saying that he took it to a repair centre and they told him "it doesn't have wifi". He's saying he can send a screenshot to show there's no adapter??? !!!

I am absolutely speechless this netbook has been used for a year exclusively as a wireless computer, what does he think we've somehow removed wifi ability

The help I need now is in disputing with him, that the Samsung NC 10 isn't wifi enabled, when it's there in the specs. Am I right in thinking it has a network adapter? I get the impression that he has changed his mind for some reason and is looking for a way to get his money back.
Any help really gratefully recieved.

  dan1611 22:41 02 Jan 2011

This is the data link profile for the Netbook would this affect the wireless ability in any situation?
IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g

  onthelimit 09:02 03 Jan 2011

I have a year old NC10 and, when I bought it, there was no option NOT to have a wireless adaptor, so I think he's trying to pull a fast one. Not sure of the legal side of things though - do distance selling regs apply to second hand goods from private sellers?

  proudfoot 10:01 03 Jan 2011

Re:- Distance Selling Regulations, they do not apply to private sales unless the description of the article etc.is untrue.
The term Caveat Emptor "Buyer Beware" applies.
It would appear that the buyer is "trying it on" or the on-board wireless card has failed, if so it is his problem.
I some years ago sold a car to a work colleague, I explained that as far as I could tell there was nothing wrong with the car but due to the mileage I could not guarantee the clutch.
A week after the sale the clutch failed, he accepted it was his problem and admitted his wife tended to slip the clutch when driving.

  dan1611 10:54 03 Jan 2011

Thanks for your opinions. I think I will have to just wait and see where this takes me. I will contact Samsung tomorrow, not that I need to, but just so I can say categorically that it has an integrated wireless adapter. It's all ridiculous as my daughter's been using it at home and at Uni and has never had a difficulty. This particular auction site do tend to find in favour of the buyer on the whole, but I'll certainly fight it. I'll keep you posted.

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