wireless problems

  bbmf474 18:19 03 Aug 2006

lat time ed-o helped me and I have managed to get the router to work on the internet. I bought a linksys notebook adapter and spent time on the helpline and it does not work. He removed the software and on internet conection there were no icons and I was told to get my adaptor enabled.This does no make sesne to me so I reinstalled the software and now both lights on the adaptor are on but it does not work. In network Connection folder is a message 'unable to retreive list of adaptors etc make sure the network connsetcion service is enabled and running'. In device manager two network adaptors are shown and both appear to be working ok -right click/properties -both are enabled.
Toshiba say it need an internal setup but the help line is so busy I have not been able to get through
Any suggestions please

  ade.h 18:24 03 Aug 2006

This a Networking question, but now that you've posted here...

Firstly, tell me whether the two adapters in DM are identical and give me their description/s.

Secondly, check your services and tell me whether all the necessary services that relate to network devices are running and set to automatic - SSDP, PnP, etc etc.

  rodriguez 18:25 03 Aug 2006

I haven't had much experience with wireless networks, however i know that if you use encryption it can cause some devices not to recognise the network. Try turning the encryption off and see if it works. Also wireless networks change frequencies many times every second to prevent people from outside getting on your connection, and I think this is caused by the encryption. If the router is switching frequencies and the laptop's wireless adapter isn't also changing frequencies to keep up with the router then it won't detect it, as to the network you'll appear as a "hacker" trying to get into it. At least this has tested your network security :-)

  ade.h 18:26 03 Aug 2006

The poster is hardly at that stage yet, since he/she cannot get the adapter to function.

  bbmf474 19:49 03 Aug 2006

Thanks for your replies.
I have purchased a linksys wag352g router and adaptor card as a package. I have set encryption to WP4-Psk as recommended but the problem is that the adaptor is not recognised although the device manager says it is enabled.
Hope this helps and thanks once again for your trouble

  ade.h 20:51 03 Aug 2006

If you removed the 3rd party software without also uninstalling the hardware from DM, that will not help.
Please try clearing out every trace of this hardware and software before running a cleanup (Regscrub XP, Crap Cleaner or similar) and starting afresh. See how that goes.
At least you apparently have no hardware error codes - that's a relief!

  bbmf474 22:17 03 Aug 2006

I will give it a try and get back.
What ois DM by the way?
Thanks bbmf

  ade.h 22:18 03 Aug 2006

Device Manager???

  woodchip 22:35 03 Aug 2006

First remove Encryption in the Router, and get it working Wireless first, then Switch it on and configure both router and Laptop

  ade.h 22:46 03 Aug 2006

And remember: do NOT perform any settings changes that affect the wireless link (security, etc.) unless accessing the router's configuration UI via an Ethernet cable link!

  bbmf474 08:19 04 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help.
My wife tels me I have to go away for a weekend so will attend to my problem when I return!!!
thanks once again

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