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I know there are lots of threads on this forum regarding problems with wireless networks but when I searched, I did not find the answer to my problem.

In our house, my flatmate's pc is downstairs and connected to internet with NTL cable broadband. we have connected this computer to belkin wireless router. My computer is upstairs and I have a belkin wireless USB adapter (altho it is one on a cable that can be moved around). From one computer to the other, there is just the stairs and one door (if i have my door closed) between the two.
It connects automatically no problem when i turn the computer on and usually says the connection is 'fine' or 'good'(about 3 bars out of 5 on the icon). however I have a terrible time using this connection. it seems to go off and on a lot, internet pages load very slowly, and using webcam or headset over msn or skype is impossible as it is so jumpy that you cant see/hear the person (and this is what i want the internet for). I also used to play an online game but this is near impossible as it is so slow and jumpy and disconnects randomly sometimes :s
The connectivity icon in the system tray often goes from green to red and will say that there is connection between the 2 computers but not from the computer to the internet, altho the internet will be running while it says this :s

both computers use windows xp. I tried calling the belkin helpline but all they said was to download the up to date drivers for the router and adapter, which I have done and didnt help.

I am not very knowledgable about computers so if anyone could offer any easy to follow advice to fix this, I would be so so grateful since the way it is now, i cant really use my internet at all.
thank you!

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"The connectivity icon in the system tray often goes from green to red..."

The WLAN icon in the NA is neither green nor red, so I am not sure what you are refering to.

Are you running this adapter with its own 3rd-party software or in a driver-only state? (I suspect the former, based on your comment about the WLAN icon).

The other - more important - consideration is router placement. You can sit right next to a badly placed router and fail to establish any connection at all.

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Agree; try moving the router as well ~ sometimes even a small shift in location will help a lot, especially if it is placed next to a PC case, microwave oven or cordless DECT phone base.

As radio wave technology is used, imagine a straight line between the router's aerials and your external device connected by USB cable to your computer.

You should seek to avoid barriers to radio waves such as;
a) hidden metal beams often used where a supporting wall has been removed for an open-plan setup, or over doorways
b) thick materials which can hold moisture; beds, etc.

As it sounds like the equipment is not MIMO (multiple inputs multiple outputs), radio signals reflected off metal/mirrored glass surfaces will actually interfere with and weaken the main radio signal at point of reception.

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We have a BT 1800HG router that transmits broadband to one of three machines in the house (2 laptops and a PC). The PC has a USB adapter (BT version) to pick up the signal but the signal strength is either very low or low. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a router with a stronger signal than the one we have? Moving it nearer the other machines isn't an option. Thanks for any advice

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I was going to point you towards the FE's recent threads about hijacking and the forum etiquette thereof, but I see that you have already posted a new thread anyway, so no worries!

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thank you for your suggestions. I will try moving the router tonight and see if that makes a difference, will let you know

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