Wireless Problem 'No wireless networks found'

  as400man 14:42 16 Jan 2005

I have just installed my home internet network using a Linksys WRT54G. This works fine for both laptops when hard wired. When I try to get a wireless connection with my Acer (built in Wi-Fi) I just get 'No wireless networks found'. I'm sure the Linksys config is OK and my XP SP2 settings look good. How can I find out which end is having a problem? I use Norton PF and AV 2005.

  powerless 14:51 16 Jan 2005

Do you have WEP/WPA enabled?

  as400man 15:03 16 Jan 2005

When I am in the 'Wireless Networks' screen it displays the name of the network I added (SSID) but this has a little red cross at the top of the icon.

  TomG 17:00 16 Jan 2005

Disable the firewall run the Norton network detector and restart the firewall.

Make sure the WEP key is correctly entered (its case sensitive)

  as400man 17:07 16 Jan 2005

The Norton network detector is already enabled. How do I run it? Not sure what you mean about the WEP key.

  TomG 19:03 19 Jan 2005

A wep key is a security feature. In theory a computer cannot access your network without the wep hey correctly entered (I believe the key is case sensative).
Try this
click here
click here

  Modo 19:38 19 Jan 2005

Use NetStumbler to check you are transmitting.

click here

Then relook at the advice above.

Best to start without encryption, Verify everything works and then and only then encrypt.

If you get that far OK then your next suspect will be Firewalls. Pay particular attention to the Windows Firewall. It isn't always turned off when you think it is. Look carefully at it in Network Connections for your wireless connection.

Again the lowest point of resistance in testing is best - i.e. turn the Firewalls off. Verify it works and then turn them off.

Just be systematic in eliminating problems.

Whatever you do don't start reinstalling or playing with Network settings as you'll probably make it worst.

(Try and think like the guys who design this stuff - decent Maths skills, straight line thinkers but poor communication skills and little common sense!!!! That'll get me in trouble again.)

  Modo 19:40 19 Jan 2005

Para 6 TYPO should read .....& then turn them on.

  jimmer409® 20:25 19 Jan 2005

if you norton firewall personal firewall configure homenetworking wizard, you should be able to solve this problem

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