Wireless Problem

  Lady Lara 12:26 19 Feb 2009

I am currently online on my laptop via my wireless router.

I have a desktop pc with a wireless usb stick which can connect to my router as i can do the thing. It will not connect to the internet though. I keep getting IE cannot display the webpage at various sites.

I have tried Firefox and get similar results (or no result in actuality).

All the little lights are green on the wireless icon (as they should be) and the router is set to accept all pc's.

Any ideas please before i reformat and re-install windows.

PS.... have done complete Virus Check and adaware and found nothing.

Yours hoping


  recap 12:40 19 Feb 2009

Have you configured the pc to wireless?

Have you checked the firewall setting to allow?

  mgmcc 12:49 19 Feb 2009

Can you open web pages if you connect the PC to the Router by *ETHERNET CABLE* instead of "wirelessly"?

It shouldn't be necessary to reinstall Windows in order to get a wireless connection running!

  Lady Lara 13:26 19 Feb 2009

I don't have a long enough cable to check if wired works..... will have to move pc so will be a while.

I have tried to reconfigure the IP by releasing and renewing it.

IP address on problem pc is showing as and i can ping it from my laptop... so some connection is there i feel.

Firewall is off as well.

Grateful for responses so far.


  Lady Lara 15:28 19 Feb 2009

Same problem.... does not work wired either.

Doh !


  mgmcc 19:31 19 Feb 2009

With the wired ethernet connection to the router, open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) then, at the prompt, type...

ipconfig /all

...and press Enter. This will show details of all network adapters installed in the PC. Right click in the Command Prompt window, "Select All" and press Enter to copy the details to the clipboard. Paste the details into a forum reply here.

If you are unable to paste the details directly from the computer, because it cannot get online, paste them instead into a blank "Notepad" file, transfer the file to your working Laptop and copy/paste the details from there. That *might* give an indication as to the problem.

  Doomster1961 23:54 19 Feb 2009

Does you router have a built-in firewall? You will have to configure the router firewall separately to accept you additional PC IP address.

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