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  Lazzara 13:23 13 Nov 2006

Hey, i'm in real need of help -

I have recently upgraded from AOL broadband to AOL wireless broadband and have had problems setting it up.

Firstly i will give you a list of the equitment i am using:

PC which i am using to configure router - Windows ME
Additional PC in another room - Windows XP
Router - Netgear DG834G
Wireless Network Adapter - Belkin Wireless G Network Adapter

I am also using the standard yellow ethernet cable which comes with the AOL pack however i did order a 5m cat6 patch cable from ebay as the yellow one was not very long.

The first time I attempted to install AOL using my 'easy install cd' it appeared to be working fine, detected the router was connected prompted me to create at network name and password etc. It then got to the final configuration stage and failed on step 2 (the 2nd light didnt turn green). I ensured all cables were still plugged in correctly and retried however again it failed. I then cancelled the installation and i appeared to be removed ethernet cable etc and i appeared to be connected to the internet.

I then set up the wireless network adapted on my other XP pc and again, i appeared to be connected fine to the network i had set up using the easy install cd.

I noticed that everytime i turned my pc on and off i appeared to connect to the internet automatically meaning that probably anyone within range of my router could have done the same. I then done something im regretting now. I opened up the router configuration ( and adjusted the security settings. Not known what I was doing i selected the option where you type something in to the passphrase box and click generate. A bunch of numbers came up underneath it with radio buttons beside them 'key 1-5' i think?

Anyway, as soon as i saved this i got disconnected from the internet and thrown out the config page. Ever since i have been unable to connect to the internet. I did manage to get back on the config page on one occasion when i attempted to rectify what i had done by disabling all the security but it still hasnt gone back to how it was and i still cannot get online.

My plan was to try and just to try and start from the beginning again, i pressed the reset pin button on the router, reinstalled my network adapted and re-ran the AOL cd as i was going to create a new network name to make fresh start. It didnt work tho, although i have attached the ethernet cable correctly and everything else in place etc i still cannot detect my router nor will it let me onto the router config page. It almost seems like it just picks and chooses when to detect the router and when theres no connection between my pc and the router. 95% of the time not detecting. On one occasion i managed to create a new network name password etc and was configuring the router however this time it failed at stag one - almost as if it had the connection when i first tried to install it then it lost it half way through!! I have now given up and need some guidance if i am to go any further rather than wasting loads more time trying to do something im not confident about!!

Hope someone can help!!


  dms05 15:37 13 Nov 2006

My experience of reseting a router is you need a long press of the reset button - in my case with a Dlink router it was 30 seconds. What does it say in the manual?

Personally I'd try to set up from the PC running XP rather than the older one running ME.

The security code you entered was (I think) only for the WiFi part of the system and connecting by the LAN Cat 4 cable should still work.

If you set the Security over the WiFi link then you will have been locked out but only of the WiFi section which is much better set up with the LAN cable first. Once that is done you can then change to WiFi and set that up on the remote computer using XP's excellent WiFi tools.

  LAPTOPBABE 16:22 13 Nov 2006

I wish I could come around and help you, i have done this 4 times without a problem, if you can get on to AOL on another computer they can send you step by step set up instructions. Push in reset button, turn off for three minutes and your computer and turn on router first and then PC. Before you can go any further you must have the power, the ethernet port you chose eg. 1-4, and the interney light the one to the right of the tick. Please wait for the lights to settle before you start to panic that it isn't working. You can then set up your wireless settings. I would agree that it would be better to make the XP computer the main one.

  Lazzara 09:58 14 Nov 2006

lol, I wish you could come round aswell. When you done it did you use a netgear adapter. I'm using a belkin adapter with the netgear router and im beginning to think this might be the problem. I tried it again last night on the XP pc and it detected the modem as it sometimes does but when it came to completing the configuration it failed on step 1 saying 'modem cannot talk to computer'. I then cancelled the installation and windows detected there was a network in range however to connect it was asking me for the WEP key - i didnt create one so dont know what this is.

  Strawballs 10:06 14 Nov 2006

The fact that the adapter and the router are different makes will not make a difference because the are all running the same system 802.11g
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