Wireless problem

  sneakerman 20:35 13 Nov 2003

I have a desktop PC connected to a DLink DI624 wireless router connected to a DLink DSL300G+ connected to a phone line, that works fine
I also have a laptop with an Actiontec 802.11b USB access point. connects to the internet via the DLink DI624 no problem.
I cannot connect the laptop to the desktop as in sharing drives. They both have shared drives.
I can ping the desktop from the laptop but not the other way round. I have run the 'Network Setup Wizard' on both, I have switched off Zero Wireless Configuration on both.
The only network connection on the Laptop is a wireless network connection, 1394 and Local Area connection are disabled. When I run the wizard it creates a bridge (I'm not sure about that) but that just makes the wireless network enable and disable constantly so I have deleted it.
The desktop has a 1394, a bridge and 2 Local Area Connections, one has a cable unplugged (correct)

Anybody any ideas what I need to do to get a Lan setup a connecting drives between both machines.


  toni b 20:48 13 Nov 2003

click here. I never was successful in getting network running with 2 computers but the link was very helpful anyway I posted a similar question on this forum it might help you click here

  sneakerman 17:13 18 Nov 2003

Thanks toni b
Somewhere along the line I overlooked something, I spent some time today at work looking through the info you pointed me towards and In thought 'firewalls' so I came home and in 5 minutes had each pc added to the trusted zone within the others firewal - hey presto.
Brings me to a subject for another day - do I disable the firewalls on each PC as my router includes a hardware firewall. I know that zonealarm stops spyware from getting out, do hardware firewalls????

Thanks for your help

  skeletal 17:38 18 Nov 2003

My limited understanding of such things leads me to think hardware firewalls help stop stuff comming in and Zone Alarm et al stops (or warns you) of stuff going out. You could unwittingly open an email, for example, that gets throught the hardware firewall (because its "just" an email) which installs a "dial up a very expensive naughty site". This would then try to dial up said naughty site, at which point ZA will tell you.

I have both enabled. I was a victim of the naughty site scam (without even opening an email...I still don't know where it came from!). And a friend got a virus through the internet (again somehow) that, after a long story, meant they had to have a new computer!


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