Wireless printing with wired printer

  Picklefactory 13:36 18 Sep 2008

Not sure if I should put this in Networking, but it seems such a paltry network, if at all. If so FE, please shift it.

Right, am I being stupid? I have desktop pc with Epson multi purpose usb wired printer next to it. Girlfriend has laptop for which I intend to add a wireless card and router to my pc for her to access internet simultaneously with desktop. No problems there, done all that before. My sanity/stupidity comes into question when I ask if I can somehow set up my system so that she can print to the Epson wirelessly? Do I have to create a network on my pc? Is it possible at all?

  I am Spartacus 13:41 18 Sep 2008

I've recently bought a Netgear Wireless Print Server click here

It was easy to setup and works well. You can also attach another printer as well. I would avoid Belkin Print Servers They probably work very well but who knows, they are an absolute pig to setup and I took mine back for a refund.

  I am Spartacus 13:45 18 Sep 2008

You can also setup the laptop to print through the wireless network via your PC but that means your PC has to be switched on for it to work.

  Picklefactory 13:46 18 Sep 2008

Thanks I am Spartacus
Is that as well as wireless router, or instead of? Now that you've pointed me in that direction, I wonder if there is anything that does both?

  Picklefactory 13:47 18 Sep 2008

Cross posted.
Your 2nd post answers another question.
Thanks again.

  Pineman100 14:21 18 Sep 2008

As I Am Spartacus (although between you and me, I don't think he is ;o) ) has said, you can set up your network so that your girlfriend can print wirelessly to the printer, via your computer.

You'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard in order to enable sharing, and then set the printerto shared. I think the printer's driver software will also need to be on your girlfriend's computer.

As IAS also said, your computer will need to be on for your girlfriend to print. But hey - it's about the only power you'll ever have over her!

My wife and I use exactly the same system as you want to set up, and it works fine.

  Picklefactory 15:25 18 Sep 2008

I think the network will be my cheapest and best option. She will have little need to print from laptop if desktop is not in use, so if she needs to print from laptop, then in all likelihood, desktop is already on.
So all I need is wireless card and router and have a dabble with Vista Network wizard? Have I read that correctly?
Thanks folks.

  Picklefactory 15:45 18 Sep 2008

Just to make sure I don't mess it up. I need :-

1/ Wireless router to suit cable modem (I'm on Virgin cable BB)
2/ Wireless card for desktop (Laptop is already wireless and already has printer software installed)
3/ Some ethernet cables

Is that all the hardware I need?

  Pineman100 15:36 20 Sep 2008

That's pretty well right. You should only need one ethernet cable, to enable you to do the initial router setup, after which you shouldn't need the cable at all. If you're going to buy a router, you may find that an ethernet cable will be supplied with it, so check before spend more money.

A wireless adaptor card for your desktop is fine, but if you don't want the hassle of opening up the machine, you could buy an external USB adaptor. It's a good idea to use the same brand of adaptor as your router, to be certain of compatibility.

I'm a fan of Netgear - good kit.

  Picklefactory 16:06 20 Sep 2008

Thanks, as it happens I've ordered a Netgear WGR614, so hopefully it'll be OK. My old wirelees router is Linksys, which was OK and online support was excellent, unfortunately it was ADSL, so I don't think I can use that.

  DieSse 17:17 20 Sep 2008

You don't need to make your desktop wireless too. You can simply plug this into the router via an Ethernet cable. Wireless routers will have an Ethernet cable connection (maybe even several) in addition to the wireless - though just cross-check that before you order it.

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