wireless printing set up

  tonyq 12:28 01 Jan 2013

could you good people explain, what set up you need to use a wireless printer. e.g does the printer have to be connected to a desktop/laptop to be able to use the printer from a different pc/laptop? I have got broadband router ect.

  tonyq 19:00 01 Jan 2013

"Is it a present for yourself" When my son visits us he usually brings some office work to do,that means printing,and always moans about having to keep going upstairs switching the pc on,just to print a few sheets off!I too get the same feeling. The printer that I have I mainly use for photos,so I thought of may be getting a wireless printer that could be placed in the hallway which is where the router is and would be handy for myself for printing documents from the laptop which I use downstairs. Killing 2 birds with one stone so to say. So yes it will be a "present for my self",if only for a quiet life. I have seen a couple of cheapish Canon all in ones,that may fit the bill. Your thoughts please.



  Woolwell 19:02 01 Jan 2013

Personally I prefer Epson. But Canon are good.

  SillBill 19:10 01 Jan 2013

Bear in mind that Epson "Expression" models, the latest, STILL have no compatible inks available whereas the previous "Stylus" models had oodles of cheapo compatible cartridges available online.

  onthelimit1 08:56 02 Jan 2013

Canons are good, and at that price you can't go wrong.

  tonyq 10:38 02 Jan 2013

I have had a couple of Epsom printers in the past and they were forever clogging up. I have been using a Canon 5200pixma (photo printer)for the last few years and have been satisfied with it. So thought I would stick with Canon. Been thinking that an All in One, may be a bit large, so recommendations please for a good/cheapish Canon printer for general use,if there is such a thing!

  tonyq 10:41 02 Jan 2013

Forgot to ask,if I do go for an All in One, which is the better of the 2,in my posting yesterday at 7:00PM.

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