wireless printing set up

  tonyq 12:28 01 Jan 2013

could you good people explain, what set up you need to use a wireless printer. e.g does the printer have to be connected to a desktop/laptop to be able to use the printer from a different pc/laptop? I have got broadband router ect.

  Woolwell 12:34 01 Jan 2013

A printer with wifi or ethernet cable which can connect to a router independently can be used by any system which is using the router through cable or wifi without other laptops, desktops etc being on. I have two printers one connected by cable to my router and the other by wifi. Both can be accessed by the desktop, either of the laptops, the ipad and smartphones. However before that I had a printer which could only connect to my desktop by usb. For the laptop to use that then the desktop had to be on.

Hope this helps and is not as clear as mud.

  tonyq 13:20 01 Jan 2013

Woolwell, my present set up is a PC connected to printer(USB)in spare bedroom, a laptop and iPad which I use downstairs,all connected to router via wifi. Which at present means that if I want to print something from the laptop I have to put it on a usb stick or put in Dropbox,turn on the PC up stairs to print. If I have read your reply correctly, I can have the wireless printer any ware in the house on its own,and be able to send to the printer,as long as everything as wifi set up.

  Woolwell 13:47 01 Jan 2013

You can have a wireless printer anywhere where it can get a good wifi signal. I have an all-in-one and can scan from anywhere too. For an iPad you need to check that there is an app or iPrint will work with the printer.

With your present set up, and if the laptop and desktop are networked, then providing the desktop is on then you should be able to print direct from the laptop without having to use a memory stick or transfer docs to the pc.

  tonyq 14:28 01 Jan 2013

"then providing the desktop is on" so the desktop will have to be switched on? or should that read "then providing the printer is on"

  Woolwell 14:43 01 Jan 2013

With your current set up both printer and desktop have to be on and laptop networked. You will be in effect printing through the desktop.

With a stand-alone wifi printer then any other system doesn't have to be on eg I can print from my iPad anywhere in the house without desktop or laptop being on.

  onthelimit1 14:47 01 Jan 2013

If the printer you have is a wireless one (which you say it is), you just need to unplug the USB lead, then connect the printer to your network wirelessly. Most have a wizard to help with this.

  Woolwell 14:49 01 Jan 2013

onthelimit1 - I don't think that it is a wireless printer second post refers to usb.

  onthelimit1 15:03 01 Jan 2013

Yes, but in the heading and first post he refers to a wireless printer. Will wait for him to get back to us!

  tonyq 15:31 01 Jan 2013

Hi all, my current printer is not wireless,I am thinking of getting a wireless one.

  Woolwell 17:17 01 Jan 2013

I guessed that you were thinking of one. Is it a present for yourself?

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