Wireless printing -How hard Can it Be???

  rolo28 22:32 24 May 2009

Hi Guys

I have a desktop PC running XP, connected via ethernet to my Speedtouch Router and my Vista laptop connects to Internet wireless. So far so good.........

My Lexmark X5470 printer is connected to my Desktop PC via USB.

My question is - What is the best way to get my laptop to share this printer wireless? - Do I need a print server?? - or can I just go via control panel on Desktop and select share printer and then select printer on laptop?. Would really appriciate advice on this. Please tell me I won't have to mess about with Speedtouch Router settings, as it took an age to get it set up.
Many Thanks

  Zaphod 3 02:32 25 May 2009

Try this site did it myself and it worked

click here

  ambra4 05:01 25 May 2009

Take a look at “TP-Link Wireless Print Server” it makes you printer wireless

Plug straight into your printers USB socket

(or for difficult fits there is a free extender cable included)

To provide a wireless print server connection with excellent range; encryption and WPA security.

click here

  rolo28 10:32 25 May 2009

Hi Zaphod

Tried it, no luck. Set up share printer in control panel - XP Desktop. Then searched for printer using my Laptop (vista) - No printers found. Is there anything else I should be doing???


  T0SH 13:43 25 May 2009

Download and install the trial version of Cisco Network Magic, install it on the laptop run it just accept the setup defaults trial version

click here

it goes through a bit of a wizard at first start up asking you what you want it to do for you get through finish that as quick as you can then open the program again you should be able to see the network printer avaiable for use

If you do hit any other problem also install it on the other PC with the printer connected but this time when the wizard runs at the end of setup tell it you want to share the printer

Once everything is working you can uninstall Network Magic it is no longer needed or leave it working in limited functionallity mode as you please

Cheers HC

  Zaphod 3 20:42 25 May 2009

Perhaps this bit was missed, you have to do it from the laptop. Apologies for the tardy reply as I was on night shift last night.

To connect to the printer

• I opened Control Panel, and clicked Printers and Other Hardware.

• I clicked Add a Printer.

• Instead of adding a local printer, though, I clicked Printer Connection and then browsed the network for the printer.

The whole process took less than a minute before I was printing to the network printer as though it was connected to the computer.

click here

  rolo28 19:02 27 May 2009

Thanks all. I tried the steps above on XP desktop and vista laptop - still no luck. This may sound daft but do I have to first set-up a network??. My current set up is XP Desktop connected via ethernet to Speedtouch Router. The laptop connects wireless to the Speedtouch. So I assume the Laptop does not even see the Desktop. I just thought all devices in the home automatically fell into Network catagory. Do I just follow "set up Network" Wizard, and if so on desktop or theLaptop?
Basically I have not a clue what I am doing - You can tell I am baffled...........

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