Wireless printer will not print

  [email protected] 21:36 30 Nov 2015

I am hoping someone can help me with this problem; I have searched the internet, but all the solutions I have found are not actually solutions - they don't solve the problem.

Hardware: An Acer V5 122p laptop (with Windows 8.1 and all updates) and an Epson XP412 wireless printer, both connected to a home wireless network. And a couple of other computers in the house too.

The Acer laptop will not print to the Epson printer. I have tried printing from MS Word, from a PDF, and directly from MS Paint - none work. I simply get a small error message which says "Error printing" no code or further guidance. But, it works the other way - I can scan wirelessly from the Epson to the Acer - so I conclude that the wireless connection is OK. (and the Acer connects to the wireless network and internet with no problems)

The printer works fine - I can print wirelessly from three other computers in the house (two with W 8.1, and one with W 10) with no problems - so the printer would not appear to be at fault.

I have re-insatlled the printer software on the Acer - still doesn't work. There were no error messages when I installed the software.

My wife also has a similar laptop (with W 8.1), and can print wirelessly from that with no problems.

So, I have a working printer, a working wireless network, and the ability to print from other computers - why can't I print from my little Acer ???

  Ashrich 23:54 30 Nov 2015

When you reloaded the printer software did you actually uninstall it all first ( remove all the drivers ) as it sounds like the specific printer driver may be damaged or corrupt . Remove it from control panel / programs and features .


  [email protected] 10:42 01 Dec 2015

Thanks for the response; yes, I did totally uninstall the software and then did a completely new install. It could be that the drivers from the CD are corrupted (but I used the same CD for the other computers.....) I might try and download the drivers from the internet in case the CD itself is corrupted (but I guess that is pretty unlikely).

  Ashrich 11:31 01 Dec 2015

Might be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs but is the printer listed ( ticked ) as the default printer in devices and printers ?


  [email protected] 19:35 01 Dec 2015

Thank you - no worries about grannies and eggs, but it is the default (only) printer and is selected. When I try to print, the print dialogue box appears and then after a while, a simple message: printer error. I'll keep working at it.

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