Wireless printer set-up

  Graham. 17:54 25 Jul 2008

I wish to move my printer to another room. What do I need for it to work wirelessly through the router?

  skidzy 18:44 25 Jul 2008

First,is it a wireless printer Graham ?

Connect the printer to the host pc and load its software,remove the connection and load the software on all computers that wish to share the printer.
If you have security enabled,you will need to put in the encryption key.

  Graham. 19:29 25 Jul 2008

Thanks, no, it's a wired printer. I thought a mains powered USB dongle, if there is such a thing.

  woodchip 19:31 25 Jul 2008

A normal wired Printer will not work as Wireless,. But you could Network it with the correct kit

  Graham. 19:36 25 Jul 2008

Thanks, what network kit would I need?

  woodchip 19:40 25 Jul 2008

Print Server one hear but check round for price's
click here

Have look in google click here

  Graham. 19:46 25 Jul 2008

Time for a new wireless printer, I think.

  woodchip 20:00 25 Jul 2008

If you Have more than one computer you can run the Printer if the PC is networked what the Printer is connected to, But it will need to be turned on. It easy to setup the Network with Windows XP Networking wizard. Just make sure that all PC and Printers are turned on before starting the Wizard, and make a disc to run on the other computers. All this as to be done while the things are turned on

  Graham. 20:07 25 Jul 2008

Thanks, I've already got Networking set up. Looks like getting the printer to work on it's own is not going to be economical. It's on it's last legs anyway, so I might as well invest in a new wireless printer.

  skidzy 20:36 25 Jul 2008

Bought this a while back Graham click here
and been superb to date,wirelessly networked to 7 computers.

  Graham. 20:46 25 Jul 2008

Thanks, that's within budget. Roll on next Thursday, pay day.

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