Wireless Printer via non Wireless Printer

  jimforrest 17:14 13 Oct 2013

Hi - Any that read ALL the queries on this forum will know that I am recovering my network from a major Win7 crash. Using a new HDD I am 'up' again but I can't print via my HP F380 printer when it's connected directly to my Wanadoo wireless Router (I used to be able to before the crash but something has changed). The network comprises an old XP Pro desktop connected by LAN to the router, and two Win7 laptops connect via wireless to the router. The only way I can print from any comp is by plugging the printer into the USB port on the desktop. That means that the desktop must be on in order to print. The problem is that the desktop is very old now and should be pensioned off - but then I won't be able to print unless I plug the printer into one of the laptops and have them both switched on. The F380 can't be run wirelessly. I've been looking at wireless printers (£60-£80) and wireless print servers (£20). From what I've read the print servers seem easy to set up - but are they? I'd rather not throw away a perfectly serviceable printer. The network not seeing the printer when it's plugged into the server seems to be related to the fact that I can only access Public Folders on all the comps, despite all folders being set to share with everyone. I can see the other folders but I'm denied access when I try to open them (permissions problem?)

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