Wireless Print Server to BT Home Hub difficulties

  MattSt 11:51 23 Feb 2010


I have a HP non-wireless printer and a wireless network using a BT Homehub.

I have bought a Belkin All-in-one Wireless Print Server to try and make my printing wireless. However, I am having difficulties.

I can set-up the Print Server and print to the printer when the Print Server is plugged directly to the Homehub through the Ethernet ports. However, I want to have my Printer in a different room to where my Homehub is plugged in, but when I disconnect the Ethernet and try to use the wireless, my Belkin Print Server application can no longer see the Print Server.

Any ideas?

  MattSt 11:57 23 Feb 2010

I should add that the laptop I am trying to print from uses Dell WLAN Wireless Manager, which I am not that familiar with.

  mgmcc 19:21 23 Feb 2010

Have you configured the Print Server to connect "wirelessly" to the Home Hub? This will probably be necessary so that it gets its IP address by DHCP from the Home Hub.

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