Wireless plus Ethernet printer set up

  john bunyan 18:58 14 Oct 2014

I just bought a Canon MG 6450 All in one. Basic set up was OK. I used a Ethernet cable to connect it to my Netgear router - my principal use is with a desktop. I also have a wireless connected Laptop and an I pad. The manual is a bit sketchy but I would like to be able to continue to use the printer with wired connection to desktop but enable it to print from the Laptop or the iPad without the desktop switched on. I assume I have to install the printer CD onto the laptop and get the iPad app? If I set the printer to wi fi, does that disable the Ethernet connection? I do not have a formal network where files can bee seen from each device. It appears to have all the up to date functions except fax. The router gave me an option to set "Air print" , which I enabled, but what is that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 14 Oct 2014
  1. I assume I have to install the printer CD onto the laptop

  2. and get the iPad app?

If I set the printer to wi fi, does that disable the Ethernet

  1. yes

  2. click here air print will allow your ipad to print wirelessly

  3. No

  john bunyan 19:50 14 Oct 2014

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Thanks; will follow up tomorrow. Testing it all out - found it would not print via Photoshop - solved when I noticed the print was still set for the MP 640 even though I had set The new printer as the default printer in Devices. I did not uninstall the old one in case I decided to repair it by buying a new print head, but at £65 and only a 80% chance that was the fault, I think I will now uninstall the old MP 640 and dispose of it.

  john bunyan 12:23 15 Oct 2014


Thanks for that; I think I did connect by USB to main PC - I will alter it to Ethernet. Only problem is that I have been having drop out issues with my router recently but hopefully these are now sorted. I think the printer has an option to act as an "access point" - in which case could it be accessed direct by wireless , by passing the router? A final question, on the iPad I am not sure how, for example, to print a web page - I cannot find the air print icon. Do I need an App?

  john bunyan 12:59 15 Oct 2014


Thanks again- the manual is a bit techie so thanks for the steer. Will set it up soon.

  john bunyan 13:08 15 Oct 2014


OK. I have a good router - Netgear 4000 and it has an option to set the network printer for air print. Have downloaded the Pixma app, but how to use Air?

  john bunyan 14:46 15 Oct 2014

Got the printer to connect to the router wirelessly and did a test print on laptop via wireless connection - fine. Left the USB connection to desktop so I could use that on desktop if router down. Downloaded Pixma app from ITunes. Will try it later. Only slight issue was that for iPad I had it set to use my Guest Wi fi as grandchildren sometime use it . The printer is set on the main router WAN . No big deal I can switch to that network on the rare occasion I want to print. All a new learning curve; not too difficult but not totally simple either!

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