Wireless Phone Extensions Do they work?

  tonyq 15:43 10 Jan 2018

Hi, at the moment I have the BT master socket in the hall, and a cable going upstairs, where the master cordless phone is connected, then the secondary cordless phone plugged in to a 3 pin mains socket in the downstairs lounge. I have just bought a pair of BT8600 phones and would like to have the master cordless phone downstairs without having to route a new cable,and secondary cordless phone upstairs. Would a pair of Wireless Phone Extensions work ? or are they just for wi fi.

eg. click here

  john bunyan 16:44 10 Jan 2018

Do you have a router as well? For the phones, why not just plug the master phone in to the downstairs socket ant the second, wireless , one upstairs with the charger plugged into a 13 amp socket. Leave the existing cable alone, or use an insert that gives you 2 outlets from the master socket, one for the new downstairs phone and the other for upstairs if you change your mind. Don’t forget splitter for router if you have one

  tonyq 17:47 10 Jan 2018

john bunyan, I do have a router, master phone needs a phone socket in the lounge which i do not have it is in the hallway. I have in the past run a cable from hallway socket into lounge under the carpets/doors ect, but kept having problems, that is when I swapped the phones eg master phone upstairs, I am trying to get away from having to run a cable on the skirting board under the doors.

  john bunyan 18:20 10 Jan 2018

Purely a suggestion- put master phone in hall. Put 2nd phone on 13 amp socket in lounge. If you want an upstairs phone either buy a second BT8600 wireless one or plug in a cheap non wireless phone upstairs. You can get an adapter for main hall socket with one outlet to master phone and the other to the upstairs extension ( I would keep wireless router up there as it would give a wider range) filters for master socket and upstairs extension . Hopefully no more wires to install. If you are at home and in lounge you can answer on the wireless phone. Only slight inconvenience is going to hall to replay , but I think your phone can play messages from the extension

  tonyq 18:36 10 Jan 2018

That could be a option.Do you happen to know if you can block callers on all the phones or is it just master phone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 10 Jan 2018

Unfortunately if you plug in a non BT8600 standard phone, calls will not be blocked, the phone will ring as normal, if you pick up the phone too quickly the Call blocker will not have time to run through its routine.

I'm struggling to understand your problem - plug the master base unit in downstairs in the hallway and take the handset into the lounge just remember to put it back on the base unit to charge every night when you go to bed. If the battery gets low you could just swap hand sets with the one upstairs that will be fully charged as it sits in its charging unit.

  john bunyan 20:06 10 Jan 2018

If you bought a second mobile BT 8600 then it could sit in its cradle upstairs and the other in the lounge - base phone in hall . Unwanted calls would be blocked. Fruit Bat’s solution is also fine; not sure how long battery lasts off the charging cradle,

  natdoor 20:07 10 Jan 2018

You can block calls on any handset.

I have had this phone system for a while and had problems with friends abroad who were non-english speakers. I had entered phone numbers to by-pass the cal-gaurdian function but it did not work. After a while I realised that I had entered the numbers from our phonebook which one dials to connect with them. However, I realised a little later that that number has an aditional 0 at the front compared to the number you woild use in their homeland. So I entered the shorter number as a work number and am now able to use the contacts list to select the number to contact them and the work number avoids call-gaurdian when they call. I don't remember anything in the set-up data pointing this out, although I have not subsequenly checked. I have only mentioned this in case it might help someone in a similar situation

  tonyq 13:53 11 Jan 2018

Fruit Bat /\0/\ thank you, that is another option, but would still be interested to know if Wireless Phone Extensions work and where I can buy them.

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