Wireless PCI card + XP / myself = Mystery!

  Dearersteak 03:27 08 Aug 2003

Ok.. bear with me... 10 points and a big hug to anyone who can slove this one!!!

I installed a 4 port USB card about two weeks ago! At the time i had 2 PCI slots left, so this left me with just one. Then a few days later, i brought and installed a wireless networkcard! (linksys WMP54G) which filled the last slot! But i was limited to where i could adjust the antenna due to other things such as speaker cables and USB's (from the USB card). Now, everything was working fine until i realised that one of the USB cards slots was dead! so i took the card back and got a replacement and reinstalled it. Then I thought that as i had the machine open, i decided to swicth the cards around in an attempt to try to increase my networks cards singal strengh! When i booted the PC back up XP automatically installed the USB card! But the wireless card just came up as "PCI device". XP then asked me to insert the CD that came with the card which i did! But the wizard just said that the CD did not contain the correct software! So i decided to place the cards back where i found them! (where i installed each card in the first place) so again, I had no problem with the USB card! Xp was more than happy with that! But again... it will not let me install the wireless card again!!!

i have tryed everything i can think of! I've un-installed it via device manager, restarted, reinstalled, but again, same message, (no software) so i called linksys costumer support and they e-mailed me a set of drivers. tried to install them, again.. no joy. At this point, i'd had enough for the day. would fix it tomorrow! So in one last desparate attemp, i rebooted hoping Xp would install this time!
And by some mirical, it was suddenly working again! No installation proccess, it was as if it was never uninstalled! the network was even still configered to how i had it set up before hand! So i was a happy man!

But if only that was the end of the story!

I went out later that afternoon. But when i got home and sat back down infront of the PC, it had frozen completly! couldn't even do Ctrl-alt-delete. So i turned it off from the mains, only to find that when it rebooted, it was back to sqaure one!!!!! as if the card had never been installed again!!!!

Please! if u have ANY idea as to what i can do, without going as far as to completely formating the machine, i would be for ever greatful!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  Steven135 09:37 08 Aug 2003

You seem to have pretty much covered what I would do.

You could try uninstalling any software related to the card, remove card reboot. Then do a system restore to before the card was installed.

Note though that this will also remove any other drivers and programs you have installed since that date. I have found it best to uninstall any programs that fall into this category before doing the roll back.

Once the system is restored clear out all the temp files, if you have Norton Systemworks run Norton Win Doctor to remove registry entries.

Then install your card.

  Steven135 09:42 08 Aug 2003

PS I would replace the card before installing the USB card its always best to do these things one at a time.

  Lozzy 12:58 08 Aug 2003

Sounds to me it could be a power issue.. If ou have all slots filled what is the power output of your system?? 200,, 250 300?? it could be that you have to many items for the pc power to handle..

One way to tell is take out the wireless card and USB, then re boot, then log off and insert the wireless card, boot then see if all is ok. If yes then log off and insert the USB card and boot if you get a problem then I would say its power related..

  Steven135 13:59 08 Aug 2003

Lozzy, I take your point about the power supply, certainly worth a look but why would it have worked fine until the switch around of cards?

  Dearersteak 15:57 08 Aug 2003

well, thats my point, Before i switch the cards around into different ports, It was fine! it was working perfectly! It was'nt untill i moved it to another port that i had the problem!

  Dearersteak 16:08 08 Aug 2003

Ok, i have a brain wave! the lady at linksys said that if the drivers did'nt work, to install the card in a empty PCI slot! Now, i have an old 56k modem that i have and never will use, so if i unistall that, then remove the device, and place the card there...? What do u think my chances are then?

If all else fails, i'm comtuplating a full system Format as a last resort!

  Steven135 17:31 08 Aug 2003

Can't hurt if it does not work try the above I did this with an ADSL modem that refused to install.

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