Wireless pci card or USB adapter for BB, advice

  Effie 11:57 14 Nov 2007

I would appreciate advice as to which to go for either a PCI Card or a USB adapter dongle, in order to get the best wireless signal from a Netgear Wireless -G Router

I am using a desktop computer and don't have any personal preferences in the matter but having the best signal possible is top of my needs list.

Many thanks.

  mikesuther 12:04 14 Nov 2007

If you have a number of spare usb ports and assuming that the ports are usb 2.0 i would suggest a dongle. It will give a very similar reception quality and as for ease of use, the dongle is simple to use. if you had a laptop i would have said a pci card due to the physical limitations of a laptop. hope this is of some help.

  keef66 12:13 14 Nov 2007

I have no personal experience of wireless, but I'm reading a lot in preparation for taking the plunge.

I have read some posts recommending usb because you can use a usb extension cable to vary the position of the antenna if necessary. With the PCI card, if it doesn't work very well with the antenna poking out of the back of the pc near the base, there's not a lot you can do about it.

  paul€ 12:31 14 Nov 2007

I changed the PCI WiFi card in my desktop for a USB dongle. The signal to the PCI card kept dropping. I now have the dongle on a shelf, above the computer and connected by the usb lead and the signal is great.

It has never dropped a connection since changing it. Just wish my ISP was as reliable.;-)

  User-312386 12:36 14 Nov 2007

I did have a PC-I card and this kept dropping signal. I now have a USB dongle and it works a treat. The thing you must always remember to do after setting anything up is to restart the computer with wireless. It saves hours of heartache.

However, i have lots of friends who use PC-I card and have no trouble at all networking

  keef66 13:15 14 Nov 2007

I suspect it has a lot to do with where the pc is in relation to the router, and what the house is made of. I think I'll have the main pc wired to the router (it stands next to it) and the other, remote pc's wireless.

  Effie 12:40 16 Nov 2007

Thanks everyone. I'm trying out your suggestion of using an extending lead onto the dongle so will see if that does the job. Thanks for your help.

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