Wireless or Electricity

  nissanalmera 19:46 02 Jul 2008

I propose a simple network with two desktops,one xp and one vista premium.Would I be better to stick wireless network or go with the electrical points in both rooms? Does anyone have any experience of using household electrical points to make a home network? Many thanks

  Tim1964 23:47 02 Jul 2008

Do you mean you intend to network the PCs together just to share files or network them via a router to share internet access?

If the latter, then a wireless router will give more flexibility in the future when you need to add another PC or a laptop ('cos you will) :D

I use 2 'homeplug' devices to connect my son's Playstation PS2 and the PC in his room to the router downstairs. They were literally plug and play and required no setting up at all.

So, in my case I use a wired connection for the PC downstairs, wireless for the 2 laptops and homeplug for the kit upstairs.

The wireless signal would have been fine in the boy's room but it was easier/cheaper to connect the PS2 this way.

If you add up the cost of wireless cards for your 2 PCs against the cost of the homeplug units it may help in your decision. Of course the homeplug don't suffer with signal 'drop out' if you have a large home or one with thick walls.

Hope that helps.

  nissanalmera 16:40 03 Jul 2008

Hi Tim 1964,Thanks for your prompt response and information.I do intend to have a network between the two pc's,are there any problems with them via one being xp and the other vista? I certainly like the idea of plug and play with homeplugs [seems easy to me!Silver surfer].Do I still use a router with them and can I use usb wireless instead of wireless cards? Many thanks Ian

  250diesel 17:22 03 Jul 2008

Hello nissanalmera.
I'm also a 'silver surfer' and when I was going to network my system I looked at both wireless & HomePlugs. Having read about the problems some have had with setting up a wirelss system I went down the HomePlug path & purchased a Devolo Duo kit. Without any problems at all I was up and running perfectly in 5 mins. It truely is 'plug & Play'. HomePlug is also supposed to give better speeds of tranfer & performance - the building structure has no effect what-so-ever, as it can with wirelss if the building is large, has thick walls or contains a lot of steel. I must disagree slightly with Tim re flexibility of wireless; to obtain this with HomePlug all you do is add another plug for each PC, admittedly at extra cost.

  nissanalmera 19:34 03 Jul 2008

Hi 250diesel,Thank you also for your response and information.I do not mind toooo much cost of homeplugs.Does this mean I do not have to go down road of using a router? Thanks Ian

  Tim1964 23:17 03 Jul 2008


The only issue that I have come across with networking Vista and XP (I use Vista, Win ME and 2x XP Pro) is that Vista uses WORKGROUP to identify the machines on the nextwork whereas XP (Home) uses the name MSHOME. They all (both) need to be set as the same for the PCs to 'see' each other.

If you intend to use the net on both machines then this can be done without a router BUT the host PC has to be switched on for the client PC to be able to access the net. A router is very easy to set up and it means that both machines can access the net even if one is tuned off.

  nissanalmera 23:34 03 Jul 2008

Hi Tim1964,Thanks for response.I believe I will go down road homeplug.Wife will most definitely be on other machine even though she cannot see attraction of them???!!! Ha! Ha! Thanks to all

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