wireless optical mouse slows right down

  the old man 17:56 13 Apr 2005

Have a Belkin wireless optical mouse which is about 2 weeks old and has been working great but now has slowed right down and gives the impression that someone else has control of my computer. Relate to how I.T. section deal with problems in work and take control of my computer. Have checked batteries and wiring and all fine. any ideas.

  Indigo 1 18:04 13 Apr 2005

When you say "gives the impression that someone else has control of my computer" do you mean that it is doing stuff without your permission ?

Does this happen when you are online ?

Any other wireles devices nearby ?

  the old man 19:13 13 Apr 2005

on and offline. red light flickers then if i put it close to mousemat the light goes steady and nothing happens, lift away and after a few seconds it flickers again. there is nothing around the computer today that has not been there since I have been usingthe mouse. the illusion of someone controlling, i meant, was that the mouse wasn't working and i used the keyboard to get to defrag and when system started the defrag the mouse went off to the right of the screen, up to top right corner and then stuttered across the top of the screen to come to rest in the top left corner. when in its resting place nothing else happened, it just stayed there. weird. I did uninstall SP2 last Friday!!!!! mouse been working since though.

  Taw® 19:16 13 Apr 2005

First step is to check batteries. If they came with the mouse chances are they are nearly done. Bought a wireless mouse in January within 3 weeks same probs as you described, pu in new batteries and has flew ever since.

  the old man 19:21 13 Apr 2005

new pair of duracell in mouse, still same problem

  Taw® 19:31 13 Apr 2005

I take it it is USB? Have you tried to reinstall the usb drivers, or trying to plug into another usb port. Another consideration might be to go to a restore point on the day you installed the devices or before this prob started. By doing this you could eliminate if it is related to the mouse or something else.

  the old man 19:36 13 Apr 2005

All tried except restore point. will give it a go.

  Totally-braindead 19:41 13 Apr 2005

I have seen how ads can effect things like this on a PC although this may not be the case. Have you got antivirus and adaware or microsoft antispyware installed on your PC in case it is that. If so have you updated them and tried running them to see if that is the cause of your problem?

  mole44 20:03 13 Apr 2005

try moving the aerial you may find that your getting rf interferance from either monitor of base unit.if its usb uninstall the drivers,close the computer then fire up again it should recognise the setup and hopefully your back in buisness.finally look on base of mouse,although its no ball there is a window for the led to look through this could be dirty.

  jbp1982 20:17 13 Apr 2005

Belkin wireless mice, no thankyou! I had three of them and all went bad, I now have a MS intellipoint 2.0 and it works brilliantly. Have you tried another mouse??

The flickering of the led is power status, the mouse doesn't know the computer is off OR on. When the mouse is idle, and not detecting any movement, the led changes to a few flickers per minute. When you move it, it gives the effect of being constant but its actually flickering hundreds of time per minute.

  the old man 21:01 13 Apr 2005

have got avg7 and avast, which I run on alternate days, to see if one finds something that the other misses, adaware, MS antispy, spybot, search and destroy. all updated on regular basis.
aerial was on same level as base but couple of foot away with printer inbetween. Now on top of a cabinet at side of workstation and about 3 foot above monitor. have done as suggested with drivers, no difference. I can hold the mouse in the palm of my hand looking at the light and it will flicker, if i turn on its back light goes constant, if i roll it forward it flickers.
jbp1982 - I am just wondering if mine was made on the same day at the same time by the same person as yours.
old mouse is intellimouse which is sluggish however much i clean the innards. sluggish as in will get to a point on screen but no matter how much more I move it on the mat the cursor will not move. mind of its own. have had it for a good few years so thought it had had a good life and it was time for a change. mistake or what.

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