Wireless Optical Mouse - Installation Problem

  Dirty Dick 13:55 15 May 2006

Just purchased an Advent Mini Wireless Laser Mouse (ADE-WNL1) from PC World. Got it home & can't install it onto my Laptop. No problem installing it onto my Desktop. When I plug in the transmitter to the USB port on my laptop I don't get the normal Windows Bing-Bong (think that decsibes the sound) but I get a Bong-Bong-Bong !!! When i inplug the transmitter I get the ususal sound (Bong-Bing) Can anybody help, please


(Just read this post and its technology help I need NOT psychiatric !!!

  Fingees 14:01 15 May 2006

Have you tried installing to another usb port.

It might just be that the laptop cannot supply enough current to run the transmitter.

A desktop is usually 500 ma, but a laptop is not always so powerful.

  Dirty Dick 14:04 15 May 2006

Yes, I have three USB ports on the laptop & have tried all of them.
I have had a wireless mouse running ok for the last two years, but unfortunaltey broke the transmitter on that one. So \i think there is enough power for the transmitter.


  amonra 14:09 15 May 2006

Have you un-installed the old mouse before installing the new ? Might be worth going through the proceedure once again.

  Dirty Dick 14:17 15 May 2006

No, I've not unistalled the old mouse, how do i do that?


  Dirty Dick 14:36 15 May 2006

I've managed to solve the problem. I had the Laptop touchpad still turned on, and i think the touchpad & the mouse were conflicting. Everything went ok when I turned the touchpad off

Thanks everyone


  Dirty Dick 09:51 20 May 2006

Unfortunately this thread is not resolved. I have let my Laptop go into Hibernate over night, and when I get Windows to resume, the wireless mouse won't respond. When I go through the troubleshooting, I go to the Device Manager, where there is a little yellow exclamation mark alongside the mouse. I then uninstalled the mouse & tried re-installing it, but can't get it to work.



  Dirty Dick 15:38 21 May 2006

I took the mouse back to PC World & they exchamged it for a new LOGITECH mouse, which is ok

  polo 16:16 21 May 2006

Wireless mice are a pain in the butt. Some people get them to work efficiently though. Both my wife and I have had several and all would constantly cease to operate for no apparent reason. We've given up on them and gone back to a quality mouse with thin wire. Can't really see any advantage in being wireless, just a fashion fad?

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