Wireless Opt Out

  shaduf 20:46 27 Feb 2011

Recently I was setting up my new Medion computer and it very quickly came up with four local networks which were mine and three of my neighbours.
I fed in my Router password etc and it immediately was wirelessly on line.
Very impressed but I have another computer and two DVD recorders which also access the internet but via wired connections to the router.
It occured to me that it would be safer if I only used wired connections to the router and did that with the Medion which is only three feet from the Router. Thereby stopping my router broadcasting to the neighbourhood. Is it possible to switch off the Router wireless broadcasting and if so would it really be a safety measure? and be a benefit.
The Router is a D-Link DKT-810. I can't see anything in the book about switching off the wireless, I suppose it just assumes you would want it.
I don't have any requirement to have a wireless connection anywhere in the house as all my gear is static.


  mgmcc 09:53 28 Feb 2011

There will be a setting within the router's wireless configuration pages to disable "wireless". In my D-Link DIR-615, there is just a box to untick which switches it "Off".

  shaduf 12:21 01 Mar 2011


Thanks for that I think I have found it.
On the configuration pages under the heading WIRELESS NETWORK SETTINGS is a box to be ticked or not called Enable Wireless so that must be the one.

Thanks again.


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