wireless for office

  drayton 06:38 24 May 2006

would like to set up wireless network for office, have four pc's (poss five soon). Have broadband. Starting from scratch, all pc's within 10 yards of each other although in two rooms. Bit confused with different types of routers, so many to choose from, just want something to do the job plus network cards I guess. Could anyone push me in the right direction ?. Many thanks for any help.

  mgmcc 08:49 24 May 2006

To be honest, with four/five computers in an office, and within a 10 yard radius of the router, I wouldn't even think about a "wireless" network. An 802.11g network has a nominal data transfer speed of 54Mbps and, in practice, will be half or less of that speed. Also, I believe that with multiple wireless connections, that bandwith is "shared" by the wireless connections. While this might not be too detrimental for internet activity, for file & printer sharing in an office, the speed could be extremely slow.

Personally, I would suggest a conventional "wired" network which will run at 100Mbps, though a single laptop could be used wirelessly.

If you have ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line (as opposed to NTL/Telewest Cable) you need a combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem". The computers in the same room would connect directly to this and you could run a single ethernet cable to the second room where it connects to a "network switch" to provide access to the computers in the second room.

  keewaa 10:06 24 May 2006

It really depends on what you need out of it. If file sharing is a big thing, as mgmcc says, it would be better to go wired ... if broadband is the main thing then wireless would be fine. If wires are a no go then it'll have to be wireless .... it depends on what you want to use it for, and if you mind a few (usually hidden) wires.

I would definitely buy a wireless router (either for adsl or for cable depending on your broadband) as they are only £10 more than wired versions, and give you the option of wireless anyway.

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