Wireless Notebook

  Tezza56 13:00 17 Feb 2005

Hi, I am thinking of buying a notebook and would like to connect it to the internet wirelessly. I am with NTL cable Broadband as my ISP. Could anyone tell me what I would need to do this and is it fairly straight forward as I'm a bit of a novice.

  Yoda Knight 13:20 17 Feb 2005

Try this page on the competitions site for guidance click here

  FelixTCat 14:31 17 Feb 2005

Yes, it is possible and, yes, it is reasonably straightforward; but there are a lot of threads on this forum from people having trouble. Don't be put off.

Do you have an ntl modem or does your cable internet come from yor tv box? I only know the modem.

In any event, you will need a wireless router and a wireless card for your laptop (unless it has one built in).

If you already have a desktop computer attached to broadband it is possible to piggyback the internet through this, but it has to be running all the time. It is much cheaper to set up, but may give more problems.

  Tezza56 14:38 17 Feb 2005

Yes I have a NTL modem

  FelixTCat 15:33 17 Feb 2005

With a ntl modem, the best solution would be to buy a 4-port wireless router (ie a router that has 4 wired ports as well as a wireless setup). Wireless to the 802.11g standard would be best. You can then connect your existing computer via one of the wired ports, provided it has a network port.

There are a whole range of wireles routers available and everyone has their own favourite. You might like to look at a few magazine reviews for recommendations, though I am not convinced that the differences are that great. Ther are some advantages in buying the same brand of router and wireless card, but again that is not too important. You may get a good bundled deal that wat, though. My best connections are from a centrino laptop. It works better with any router than the same-brand wireless card.

If you want specific advice on brands, I am sure that there are many here who would be pleased to offer opinions - always remember that they are only that.

A couple of examples are: click here and: click here

These aren't necessarily recommendations, just examples of what is available and its price.

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