Wireless Noob requires help!

  simonlarge 11:57 05 May 2008

ok I have just aqquired a dell d610 laptop, my problem is I have no idea how to set up my wireless connection. I have a speedtouch modem with the wireless router. Ive tried using the wireless set up on the computer but to no avail. if someone could please help me I would be very grateful.

  brundle 15:28 05 May 2008

You might find this helpful click here

  brundle 15:32 05 May 2008

Or this one for Vista click here

  Ashrich 16:56 05 May 2008

Which Speedtouch modem , and which Wireless router ?


  Forum Editor 18:13 05 May 2008

according to the makers' instructions, and it has made the connection to your broadband provider. your laptop's wireless network adapter will pick it up when it's range.

Start the laptop and look down at the system tray in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You should see the small TV-shaped network icon there, and if you click on it you'll be presented with a list of all detected wireless networks - there may well be more than one if you have other houses nearby.

Select your own router from the list and click 'Connect'. If you have set up a security password on the router (which is recommended) you'll be prompted for it - you only have to enter it once. Your laptop will then connect to the internet via the router.

If you're still having problems make sure that your laptop's wireless adapter is turned on - most laptops have a wireless switch somewhere, and they're often not very obvious - many's the person who has agonised over no connection for days before realising it was a simple matter of flicking the switch on.

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