Wireless with no router

  dave_and_confused 23:12 04 May 2005

Sorry if this sounds vague but I've seen a posting here that describes sharing a Broadband connection between two PCs wirelessly WITHOUT a router.

Secondly my mate had a "friend of a friend" round to share his broadband over two PCs wirelessly. The FoaF bought two wireless PCI cards and got nowhere after 5 hours. No router or anything else (apparently). I'm going to set him up with a CAT 5 Cross Over and ICS on Friday.

Can you (and if so, how) set up a wireless connection between 2 PC without a router? Can it be done with just 2 PCI Adaptor cards?

  TomJerry 23:39 04 May 2005


  dave_and_confused 00:05 05 May 2005

...will it work with more than 2 PCs?

  TomJerry 10:42 05 May 2005


  Strawballs 14:46 05 May 2005

click here see if this answers your question if not just put "ad hoc" into the search bar of this site and you will get 10 threads on this subject

  mgmcc 15:05 05 May 2005

Why will it not work with more than two PCs in "Ad Hoc" mode, as neither ICS nor "Ad Hoc" (Peer to Peer) wireless networking is restricted to only two PCs?

  Brian-336451 15:31 05 May 2005

see title

  dave_and_confused 21:54 05 May 2005

Thanks..... Looks like i have some reading to do.....

  Dipso 22:19 05 May 2005

click here

Quote "how to wirelessly network a second or third computer without the expense of a wireless router" so they seem to think it can be done with more than 2 PC's.

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