Wireless networks problems

  black_lucas 19:54 19 May 2004

I am running a wireless network with a desktop PC on XP Pro using a sitecom USB adapter and a laptop using sitecom PC Card and XP home. I am trying to communicate ad hoc network.
On the desktop I am able to view the network but not able to connect to it. It does show the that computers shared files in my network places but not the other PC or it's files.
The workgroup names are the same on both PCs.
On the laptop I can connect to the peer to peer network but cannot view the other computer in my network places.
I have turned off all excryption and firewalls.

  stalion 21:55 19 May 2004


  silliw 23:02 19 May 2004

if you wish to visibly see a network machine from anothr network machine then you need to set sharing to the root of the drives on each machine.
You may also have to "uncheck" simple file sharing from folder attributes and set soecific security access to drives on your xp pro machine.
you also need to ensure that user details are consistent between each machine as if if a user name or password is different between machines, that user cannot be given access accross the network.
Hope these few observations help, there are many sites dedicated to setting up networks that are worthwile visiting.

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