Wireless Networks. Are they safe?

  PhiltheFragger 14:32 02 Jan 2004

A friend who is a network administrator reckons that the same technology is used in Wireless Networks as in Mobile Phones.

IE Having a wireless Network is like having a Mobile Phone transmitter in your house, flooding the area with low level radiation and we have all read about the " not in my back yard" issues this raises.

Does anybody know the facts, Are there Radiation issues? What are the long term implications or are we "waiting for more research"

With 3 young children in the house, I would like to know the facts before I go wireless.

  [email protected]@m 14:46 02 Jan 2004

There are radio and television 'radiations' already in your house. These are no different. They are much lower power than mobile phones, which have to transmit a signal many miles.

  Valvegrid 14:57 02 Jan 2004

If it's bluetooth technology the frequency is 2.45GHz with a power level of a few milliwatts, so the radiation level is very low indeed. There is probably more radiation coming from your local TV transmitter (London 1.5 Million watts peak from one transmitter alone and there are 4!) than from your wireless network.

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The research into mobile phone masts has been done, the general consensus is the background radiation from other sources is sometimes greater than what is being measured in the playground from the local phone mast.

Having said all that, I would still be very concerned with the kids outside the school using their mobile phones and the biological effects for their future.

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Bottom line is, don't worry about the very low radiation from your wireless network.


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