Wireless networks

  Eileanbeag 16:49 07 May 2006

I am completely ignorant of wireless technology and my son is just as bad. He has just purchased an Inspiron Notebook from dell and a message comes up saying "Wireless networks found". What does this mean?

  wobblymike 16:53 07 May 2006

It means that someone in your vicinity uses wireless internet the signal from a wireless modem can be received up to 300 metres from its source - he shouldn't be able to access the net because the wireless signal should be secured. there are however some people who set up unsecured connections. As long as he can't access it no problems - if he can however I suggest you ask around your neighbours and establish where its coming from and suggest they secure it pronto.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:59 07 May 2006

Further to wobblymike, it's illegal to access someone elses network without their permission so best to ignore it.

Do you by any chance have a broadband modem / router installed? It might well be your own if so!

  wobblymike 17:04 07 May 2006

I make the assumption that Eileanbeag does not have a wireless set up as I guess she would have said so if she does.
As regards Diodorus Siculus assertion above he is of course totally right however if it is an unsecured connection its owner may well be blisfully unaware of it - best he or she knows sharpish.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:10 07 May 2006

I too am assuming that she doesn't but I've met someone who didn't know it either till I connected my PDA to their wi-fi signal.

When I said [quote]best to ignore it[/quote] I meant that it should not be connected to - good idea to tell the owner to secure it.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:10 07 May 2006

You may be able to turn the wireless off, there may be a switch on the front. You can switch it back on when or if you get your own network.

  Eileanbeag 17:27 07 May 2006

Thanks all - will pass on your advice - How does one turn off this feature so that it does not keep appearing at start up?

  wobblymike 17:32 07 May 2006

as Hertz Van Rentyl has said you may have a wireless on off switch - failing that you can disable the facility via control panel - admin tools - services - i believe you would have to disable wireless zero configuration but perhaps someone else would confirm that

  Forum Editor 17:36 07 May 2006

and I'll move it across there now.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:38 07 May 2006

Some laptops have a key combination to turn off the wireless adaptor. Mine turns off by toggling Fn + 1

  Eileanbeag 17:44 07 May 2006

Thanks - will tell him to try that - thanks all

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