Wireless networking...getting started.

  nick_j007 14:28 21 May 2006

New wireless network...

Hello all,

I have an old laptop that has a wireless card in the PCMCIA slot and has been running wirelessly for a year or two now.

This has been 'demoted' recently since the arrival of a lovely new desktop that has a wireless adaptor in a USB plug and is also on the same router system.

All is running absolutely fine, but I would like to know if it's possible to send doc's from one to the other for printing purposes and viewing etc.

Some early pointers or links for this would be appreciated, as it's a job to know where to start!

Thanks in advance,


  ade.h 15:33 21 May 2006

Here I am wishing I had got around to writing the file sharing guide for my website, but I haven't yet. I've putting off that job for a while.

I will start by mentioning client firewalls (that's the software firewall that you have installed on each network client). I cannot emphasise the importance of configuring thse correctly for communications over the LAN, because you won't get any file sharing if you don't do this. I also advise people to make sure that they 1) have a very good, properly configurable firewall and 2) know it thoroughly. Failing that, don't have one at all.

Before going any further, have all clients switched on, logged in (ideally to the Admin account) and preferably in the same room if possible, so that you can easily respond to messages and firewall prompts. If there's a laptop in another part of the house and you can't access it because its firewall is asking for a permission to be created, you won't know about it. Also bear in mind that if you can't see one client from another when you browse the workgroup, it's not necessarily because you have done something wrong, but because your firewalls are preventing the access in a particular direction for security purposes.

Next; the File and Printer Sharing has to be enabled and configured and a workgroup must be created. This is done by running the Network Setup Wizard (*not* the Wireless version) on every client. Be careful to be consistent with the settings that you choose, particularly the workgroup name.

Now create some shares on each PC. Do this in the properties palette of your chosen folders, and be aware that certain folders cannot be shared, particularly if they reside in a higher-level folder which has privacy enabled.

Next, you need to check the My Network Places folder on each client. By default, it will auto-populate, so be aware that if you manually create shortcuts here, you will often end up with duplicates. I find it best to remove the auto-population from Folder Options. It's the first check-box on the View tab.

Sort that first and we'll do printer sharing later.

  nick_j007 15:45 21 May 2006

That looks like a good start...I shall absorb it later and write back with any new questions.

At least the laptop can sit within hand reach of the desktop for ease of set up.


  nick_j007 19:08 21 May 2006

Well that all seems to be going well thank you very much!

I cannot seem to get the printing going though. I have got it to show as 'shared' on the desktop (to which the printer is physically connected to)

When I attempt the same on the remote laptop I recieve an error message saying...'printersettings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed.'

Hang on! I've just looked at this again and I needed to set the new icon for the priinter as to default!

Gaw, I did it meself that time!!

Ok, things are looking good here...anything else to consider?



  ade.h 19:10 21 May 2006

Are you confident with the procedure for adding a network printer on your laptop? That's pretty much all that you need to do once you have set the printer as "shared" on its host PC.

  nick_j007 21:06 21 May 2006

Yes thanks. I think I have it now...your help is much appreciated.

Just need to practice and become more familiar with the file sharing thing.

Thanks again.


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